• You guys are going to be feasting all day with that menu. I had a relative (the one in my post post, A Heifer Vacation) who made homemade ice cream. until I saw him making it, I didn’t realize how much salt was in it.

    Tell him Happy Birthday!

    • Yep, that’s the plan Glynis. Homemade ice cream is the best. The good news is the salt doesn’t go into the ice cream, it just helps tthe ice freeze it. :-)))

  • Jacqueline Gum

    Sounds like a great party! Especially since you are feeling better…sounds like just what the doctor forgot to order! Have the best time ever 🙂

    • Indeed Jacquie. Will do, and it will be, once I get everything done. I can’t wait. 🙂

  • Lorraine Marie Reguly

    So happy you are getting better, Susan. 🙂 Just in time to party, too! YAY!

  • Tim

    Glad the move is done, the plans are underway, and you on the mend. Almost time to kick back and relax…almost. Have a great celebration. Tim

    • Thanks so much Tim. It’s been a haul to say the least, and now it’s time to get back to normal… I hope. 🙂

  • Paul Graham

    Its great to reward oneself after completing a mammoth task .With a birthday and new beginning you certainly have much to celebrate. At first glance Lemon and Potatoes seemed an odd pairing but then I thought about lemon juice on Greek or Mediterranean roasted potatoes and it makes perfect sense. Enjoy !

    • I agree Paul, a celebration is in order. The lemon potatoes are awesome. Give then a try. 🙂

  • Sounds like a much needed party! Hope it all goes as planned and the menu sounds inviting. Can’t go wrong with cheese, cake and wine, the rest are just bonuses! Happy party day.

    • Thanks, It is that. We are really looking forward to just hanging out with friends and family for the fun of it all. 🙂

  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    Sounds like a great menu for a special birthday, not to mention a good way to celebrate being finished with the icky details or moving and re-organizing. I love patio lights and find great ones at Target all the time (all sorts of colors and designs). The little paper-lanterns ones I had on screen porch in Charlotte didn’t last long because I had them hanging down to the floor and the cat and dog thought they were pretty tasty.

    • It is a menu my husband will love, and yes, so will I. Christmas or patio lights do add so much to the atmosphere. I think it will really pretty and fun to do. That’s too funny about the lanterns… LOL.

  • Susan, I just want to wish you and your husband a most wonderful day, which by the sounds of it you have well in hand.

  • Enjoy the celebration! One year my husband and kids made me soup (instead of a rich dessert). That was special to me. Usually, they (well, mostly my daughter) like making what they like to eat … I enjoy the enthusiasm more than anything else.

    • Thanks Leora, That is cool about the soup. I so agree, enthusiasm and love are the best ways to celebrate any occasion. 🙂

  • I love crusty bread with butter real butter not margarine

  • I think I am late , so all must have finished such yummy starters , deserts and smashed lemon potatoes…. my mouth is watering after reading about such a yummy list.
    I wish you happy moving and Happy birthday to your husband. I hope that you will enjoy many more birthday’s together and I am also looking forward to read recipes and what special you will plan for your birthday.
    You have a lot of cheese and olives in menu , it seems more like an Arabic party.
    In our parties we have chick peas with salty and spicy syrups , samosa , chart ( Kashmiri menu ) fruit trifle , drinks , deserts etc
    In between the idea of using Christmas lights is very nice. This also have message for many to reuse stuff.

    • Thanks Andleeb, We LOVE cheese and olives. The fact is, we love the Arabic cuisine allot. I am a huge fan of multi use of products. Christmas light are really celebration lights in my mind.

  • Cheryl Therrien

    Oh how I wish we lived closer together. This is one celebration I would not miss. Enjoy the party!

    • Me too, more then you know Cheryl. I so wish you could come too. When are you coming to visit again?… I miss you my friend. 🙂

  • Hi Susan,

    What an awesome way to celebrate your recovery! So happy you are getting better. Wish you all the best!


    • Thanks Kumar, I am on the mend, but with strict warnings to not over do it. That’s hard for me… LOL.

  • Along Came Mary

    How fun, Susan! I know the past few months have been stressful, so I am thrilled to see you finally are getting back in your groove & can celebrate! Love the idea of decorating with Christmas lights, & those lemon potatoes sound to die for 😉 Have fun!!

    • Hi Mary, Thank you. If you were near by I would love to have you come. You could have a few of these awesome potatoes along with some really great wine. 🙂

  • crystal Ross

    Susan, I am glad you are all moved in! I could not wait to be done with moving! Happy birthday to your HUSBAND and glad you are feeling better. My husband and I love ribs and anything BBQ. Everything sounds delicious! When I got married the cake was one of the important things for me to decorate, and get the taste right. I love my sweets! =)

    • Hi Crystal. Thanks. It has been a haul and boy am I glad we are almost done. I am a food lover, and I do love my sweets too… a bit to much mind you… LOL.

  • Debra Yearwood

    Yeah!!!!!! Birthday and the close of a big move, lot’s of reasons to celebrate. Can’t wait to see some the new recipes and happy to say CONGRATS on finishing off a big change.

    • Thanks Debra. No one could more happier then me to say the least… Yeehaw!.

  • Jon Jefferson

    Now if only you weren’t 3000 miles away. I enjoy being invited to good food where I don’t have to cook sometimes.

    • That is true and I would love having you here too Jon. 🙂

  • Adrienne

    Well first off congratulations for almost being settled in and I’m so sorry you hurt yourself. Probably way over doing in my friend.

    Happy birthday to your special guy too and your menu sounds delightful. Okay, he and I definitely have the love of ribs in common. I LOVE ribs and when they’re cooked with a good flavor and the meat is so tender it falls off the bone I’m in heaven. You’ll find me salivating over that Susan.

    I sure wish I lived closer but I’m sure you’re very happy most of your blogging friends don’t. LOL!!! You guys have fun.


    • Aw, thanks Adrienne. Yep, ribs would definitely be on the list and for all the reasons you mentioned. YUM! I sure wish you did too. it would be great fun having you share in all the fun. 🙂