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Many have asked who are support team and who are the website contributors. Here is your answer.

Website Contributors, Finding Our Way Now - Blog/Website Support

Web/Website Management & Support

Web/Website Management
David Sutoyo @Small Harbor

David Sutoyo,
David Sutoyo

David Sutoyo is my overall tech guru who manages not one, but two of my websites. He is the one that does all the heavy lifting and truly makes both websites function the way they should. The best part is our current website look is totally his theme and design. What that means is he did all the coding that now gives the site its look, feel, and function.

David is an experienced web designer and developer. His expertise is in WordPress development; enhanced by his ability to design logos, websites, and mobile apps. All this gives David the unique ability to take projects from concept to final deployment. He is thorough, fast and efficient, making working with him fun and productive.

Virtual Administrative Assistant
Kristi Morgan (contact –

Kristi Morgan,
Kristi Morgan

Kristi Morgan and I met in Southern California over 7 years ago in the corporate world where she was my executive assistant.  Many years later we are still working together, albeit virtually.

Kristi helps me stay on track with all the details of my projects, proofing, editing, researching, book formatting, website testing and critiquing, coordinating guest posts (and at times submitting a few of her own) and so much more.  You name it, and she has had her hand in it. I would be lost without her.

Kristi lives with her significant other, Sergio, and her two daughters, Charidan, and Danielle.  Kristi was originally from South Dakota, so they spend their free time enjoying the beautiful Southern California sunshine and scenery.

Jeri Walker

Jeri Walker-Bickett,
Jeri Walker

Jeri is a publishing professional skilled in multiple forms of editing, writing, and marketing. She commits to bringing each freelance project to its full potential. Her literary passions are reflected in her involvement with various organizations, and she serves as co-organizer for the Boise chapter of the Nonfiction Authors Association. As an experienced educator, she excels in disseminating information and engaging audiences. Her client approach is to not only provide contracted services, but to deliver constructive criticism aimed at nurturing growth. 

Website Contributors, Finding Our Way Now

Website Contributors

Regular Website Contributors – Jeri Walker

Jeri Walker-Bickett,
Jeri Walker-Bickett

Jeri Walker is a contributing writer for Finding our Way Now LLC. She also serves as copy editor and book formatter for Susan’s publications. Jeri is a freelance editor and writer offering incomparable quality at affordable rates. She believes in making every word count. Her creative writing is influenced by a stranger-than-fiction life story. You can connect with her via Word Bank Writing & Editing at or browse her books on Amazon.


Occasional Website Contributors – Pat Ruppel @Pain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom

Pat Ruppel,
Pat Ruppel

Is it possible to make a difference in the world? Pat believes one way is through writing to inspire and warm the heart. It’s what she hopes to do on her site” by sharing personal “kitchen-table” stories.

When we’re most relaxed is with family, friends, catching up or exploring conversations with new people. That’s when the magic happens. Pat believes anything is possible, when we find a common bond, whether it’s talking around a kitchen table or writing a story. That’s we touch the hearts of others, and connections are made where we identify with one another enough to trust and share.

Occasional Website Contributors – Patricia Weber

Patricia Weber,
Patricia Weber

Patricia Weber is all about showing us the in’s and outs’ of an introvert.

Patricia, introvert herself, is one of the first since 2006, to lead the way in support of introverts as “America’s #1 Coach For Introverts (and extroverts reluctant to sell).”Working with individuals, groups and on the speakers’ platform, Patricia supports introverts, and baby boomers of any personality preference, to experience more personal energy, more vitality and what she calls, oomph.

She is on a mission to inspire and support introverts and baby boomers alike to access more energy to live life at full-throttle.

Occasional Website Contributors – Lenie Hokansson @Frugal For Everyone

Lenie Hokansson,
Lenie Hokansson

Lenie will showcase some great recipes that will be easy, delicious and inexpensive from time to time. She resides in Ontario, Canada where she learned to live frugally, born out of being a farmer’s wife, a mother of seven boys and an executive director for a non-profit charity.

She believes life should be lived to the fullest, starting each morning by giving thanks for another new day. It will be fun to see what she brings to the table.

Occasional Website Contributors – Jeannette Paladino @Write Speak Sell

Jeannette Paladino,
Jeannette Paladino

Jeannette is a social media writer, blogger and project manager helping organizations to build brand awareness, increase revenues, and engage employees as brand advocates on social media.

She offers specific ideas about how to incorporate social media into your marketing plan in an effort to reach your customers, employees, and other target audiences.


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