Guest Post Request

I receive requests from many regarding an opportunity to write an article or two for Finding Our Way Now LLC. Below you will find a set of guidelines we use to determine whether such a request is suitable for both this website and the individual making the request.

Finding Our Way Now - Guest Post Request

  • Every guest writer by definition is self-promoting.  However no direct or outright sales pitches will be accepted.
  • No affiliate links of any kind will be accepted unless otherwise approved.
  • Internal links should be limited to the guest writers own website and/or to the sources that support the article’s main points.
  • In no way may a guest article infringe on anyone else’s copyrighted material. If it is determined that the article has done so, the article will be rejected or immediately removed from the website (if already published).

Topics: To state the obvious; all accepted articles must be well written, using good grammar and proper punctuation. You get the idea. 

  • Life Experience Stories: Share a lesson you learned via a true-life story.
  • Wine: Showcase a wine or winery and why their story is of interest. This includes general information and winemaker’s notes and anything fun about the wine or winery.
  • Easy Recipes: This also includes food-related information. The operative words are useful, homemade, easy, and fun.

Things To Know:

  • The guest writer’s subject/subjects must align with this website’s brand.
  • Outside of the guest writer’s website link, any and all links included in a guest post must be relevant to the subject of the post.
  • The word count should be between 500-1000 words, provided in a Word document format for ease of uploading.
  • Each post should include at least two approved image (more is preferred).
  • The author needs to provide a headshot, site logo (if you have one) and a short bio that is no longer than 150 words with a link to the author/writer’s website.
  • All comments to the guest writer, from the resulting guest article, are to be responded to by the guest author/writer without exception.

If you are agreeable to the above submission requirements, please complete the form below.