About The Author: Susan P. Cooper

“Finding Our Way Now” is all about food, wine, and a bit of conversation. Thank-you for stopping by.

Susan P. Cooper

Susan P. Cooper, findingourwaynow.com

Susan is the Publisher and Executive Director for Finding Our Way Now. She is responsible for researching, producing and creating all the content, products, illustrations and art images for the website.

Susan is by nature a teacher and storyteller who makes her home in Northern California with her husband and her fur-kid.

On the home page, the focus is on food and wine. Other menu items are available but are not reflected on the homepage. Just click on the menu to see what catches your fancy.

Current Publications:

Food – Susan loves to cook.  It’s all about easy in the kitchen when it comes to her recipes. This passion for cooking makes it a natural for her to share all the easy, fun and assessable recipes she develops as well as the photographs of her food on her blog. This philosophy and passion have culminated in the creation of many recipe booklets, now for sale, with a potential full cookbook currently in the works.

Wine – Susan will tell you she is not a wine expert; she just knows what she likes. For her, it’s all about sharing interesting information about wines or beverages for an average person, like herself. She is very fortunate to live in the wine country. Having access to a great many wine regions allows her the opportunity to occasionally share information about the various wines from boutique wineries to national brands she discovers in her travels.

Images & Drawing – Working on two websites rekindled her passion for drawing. You can check out her art on her art website. Take a look. 

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