• I recognize this from Bloggy Bootcamp! 🙂

  • Nice photos and great story about this wine. Thanks susan. I am jealous of your talents.

  • Liz

    This sounds like a beautiful choice. I do believe I have seen it here, so I will double check and let you know how it tickled the pallett. Makulu Iswithi Pinotage is one of my anytime sipping wines. Hope you can give it a try too.

    • Hi Liz, I hope you are able to locate it and can’t wait to hear your thoughts. I will definitely check out Makulu Iswithi Pinotage and do a review. :-)))

  • Martin Casper

    Interesting way to preserver the cuttings. It would be interesting to know more about why potatoes worked. Were they the only thing available? Was it because they are a starch? Is their make-up protective in nature?

    • Hi Martin, It was the only thing available. Potatoes have a great deal of moisture that hold that moisture for a long time. As far as the rest of it, it would be an interesting thing to research. 🙂

  • That’s what I love most about Pinot Noir; it can be paired with almost any dish.

    • Hi Jeri, You are so right. That is the beauty of a good Pinot Noir.

  • Even though I am not a wine drinker I do like to read about wine and what you think of different ones

    • Hi Jo-Ann, That’s great. It pleases me that you enjoy what I have to say about the different wines. 🙂

  • Elizabeth Scott

    I have fallen in love with this winery because of your post. I am not an avid wine drinker but the photography and the passion that this winemaker portrays, makes me want to visit. I look forward to enjoying a glass of this wine.

    • Hi Elizabeth, It is a lovely Pinot noir and one you will very much enjoy. 🙂

  • They certainly were pioneers. I admire that.

  • Jennifer Woodard


    I am not a wine drinker myself, wish I were. I love the history that you give about the wine, interesting story. I have considered developing an interest in wine, but it hasn’t happened as of yet.

    .Great job,

    • Hi Jennifer, Not everyone does. For me, the wine and wine stories are really interesting and fun. That said, you have made my day by telling me enjoy what I share. 🙂

  • Julie

    This does sound like a nice wine. I do love the label.

  • Jamie Gall

    Absolutely love Mirassou and their wine. David Mirassou is so nice, gracious, and fun to talk to. Will be buying their wine for years to come

    • Hi Jamie, I very much agree with you. I too will be buying this wine, now and in the future. 🙂

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