• Susan, this looks absolutely delicious and I would love to serve this to guests for lunch instead of quiche. I agree with you that everything fresh and homegrown is the best way to go. Definitely will be making this one.

  • Jacqueline Gum

    Sounds fabulous and a dish I have not tried. But the exploding garden sounds great.

  • Rosemary Griffith

    Sounds delicious and making this for a get together tomorrow night. Will let you know if it looks anywhere as pretty as yours. I don’t own those little dishes–will a pyrex 8×8 work all right? Hm…

    • RoseMary Griffith

      Made it for the ladies last night and everyone loved it. Very tasty with home made pesto! Thanks…off to share your recipe with them.

  • Susan — I adore provolone and pesto and love this recipe. This looks like it would be a good lunch dish, served with a green salad. I think it might not be quite hearty enough for a dinner dish. What do you think?

  • Sounds divine with tomatoes, mushrooms, or olives. My garden is a bit behind yours, plus I’m figuring out how to get driplines in place. The adventure never ends…

  • Sounds great- I wish I could still eat baked cheese. Good combination of lovely ingredients, especially at this time of year. Though actually I’m not seeing tomatoes at the farmers market yet. Soon I hope.

  • Susan, I absolutely love the sound of this recipe! I love provolone and I love tomatoes and all the other ingredients you have used, so I am sure this will be a delicious treat to share with friends. Thx!

  • You had me at provolone! This looks absolutely delicious and I’m adding the ingredients to my grocery list right now. Thanks for the inspiration! Pinning…