• HB

    What a great story.  It made me laugh.  I will have to think about a good story about my mother and get back to you on that.  BTW, Great links to some really good gifts.  

    • I am so glad you liked it.  It was a fun one the write and illustrate.  

      I hope you were able to find something for your mother on my links. 

  • I LOVE that story. I just KNEW she would have a good reason to give the judge for her speeding. My mom passed many years ago and Mother’s Day is the hardest day for me. 

    • It still makes me laugh when I think of her talking to the judge.  I miss my mom too.  Every Mother’s Day I find some way to celebrate that she was a part of my life.  🙂

  • Crack You Whip

    That is an funny story.  I have a heavy foot too and my son can’t stand it.  Like your mom, I always have my reasons!

    • I also inherited the lead foot trait from my mom. I have never been able get out of a ticket like she could … LOL.

  • Shirla Vergara

    Good one, Susan!!!  My mom has been gone a little over 6yrs., almost a month into her 65th birthday—where has the time gone?!  My brother, sister and I still talk of the time when my brother had come home from Basic Training in the Marines at Camp Pendleton.  I guess he was all full of himself and thought he was all that and a bag of chips.  At one point, he thought it would be alright to “push the envelope” and stand up to mom—man of the family and all.  Needless to say, she squelched that PDQ and said he would never be too big for her to put him across her knee.  She wasn’t angry, just succinct.  That’s all it ever took.  Miss her all the time…the memories carry us through.

    • What a great story about your mom and your brother. It is timeless. Thank you for sharing your memory of your mom with us. Moms are so special, often taken for granted when we are younger and so missed when we are older and they are gone. 🙂

  • Elizabeth Scott

    What an amazing story about your mother. Isn’t it funny the things that bring smiles to our faces when we think about our moms? As a mother myself, I wonder what my children will remember when they are older.

    • You are always one of my best cheerleaders. You never know what your kids will pick up on and use from what you share with them until much later in life. It will most generally be a very pleasant surprise. 🙂

  • I love the lesson you learned from your mom. She stood up for what she believed in. I imagine she taught you to stand up for yourself too. That’s a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. You’re keeping your mother’s memory alive and that’s a wonderful tribute to her.

    • Thanks Sherryl, My mother’s example was an inspiration to me as a young woman trying to find her way in the world. I often draw from my memories of her when I am in need of advice even thou she is no longer here. 🙂

  • Dan Meyers

    Susan, I love this story… and very well told!  It’s so funny that we give so much truth and meaning to these “rules” that govern our everyday lives.  Sure, it’s important to follow them most of the time so things aren’t chaotic, but as your mother proved, we shouldn’t be afraid to challenge them.  

    • Thanks Dan, my mother, although a southern belle, was not a wilting wall flower by any means. She was a great example and teacher for me from childhood to an adult.

  • Bethanyjolee

    I love this story of your mother and the lesson that you learned from it. I want to remember this lesson too, and learn it in my heart the way I think your mother must have known it. WHat a beautiful woman she must have been. You really are a good story teller too. I laughed out loud just like the judge when she said she wanted to move things along. I loved this! I also loved your illustrations. How did you do those? They are darling.

    • Thank you for your very kind words. My mom was an amazing woman. I am lucky to have so many great memories of her.

      The illustrations are fun for me. I use a app on my iPad called iDraw that allows me to create the illustrations I use in my blog. If you go to the How To page you will find out all about the illustration app and a demo as well.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. It is very much appreciated.

  • I  just love that story of your mom, Susan. Makes perfect sense to me. The police officer was holding up traffic — what did he expect her to do! Wonderful memory for you to have. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, My mom taught much in her lifetime. By telling her stories, it brings her back to life for me.

  • Jnjm62

    Loved this story your mum sounds like a wonderful woman mothers are so special 

    • Thanks so much and yes they are. BTW, thanks so much for all your comments and support. 🙂

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    My mother has passed too but she def did teach me things while she was here. Sounds like you had an amazing mother!!

    • She was. She was a great teacher and mentor on top of being my mom. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

  • Stan

    This one isn’t about my mother, but my wife. When she went to court, she surprised the judge, who was her tennis partner. 

    In actuality. she was driving her car, which our son had used to get to and return home from college. He had gotten a speeding ticket in a rural county and never paid it. Since she was the owner, her license was suspended. 

    When questioned why she had been in that particular county, it was the first she learned about the ticket. The judge continued the case, and told her to go to the DMV and get it straightened out.

    Too Bad she was such a poor tennis player!

    • WOW! What are the chances of that happening. Those dang traffic tickets get in the way of a lot of stuff. I hope she was able to straighten it out without to much difficulty.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

  • Ephopkins

    A really good story, what a character!

  • Terry Olson

    I finally had a chance to read your blog!  Great story.  I read it out loud to Robin.

  • Susan, your mother is an amazing woman. I read the story to my hubby and we both laughed. thanks for sharing. the illustrations are really great.

    • Thanks, that she was. I am so glad you enjoyed my story about my mom and it made you laugh. 🙂

  • Microwavelove

    I really love this post Susan! I’m having a hard time coming up with a specific memory right now but this post made me realize how fortunate I am to still have my mom with me. I know that even those mortifying moments that she still “blesses” are ones that I’ll treasure. 

    • Thanks, Our mothers are so important in our life . Their impacts hey have on us is felt long after they’re gone.

  • Love the story 🙂 

    I hope I leave a similar legacy with my own children. 


    • Thanks. I believe we all hope for that. We just never know what will be remember. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  • Great story Susan and reading it I could picture the whole episode. The one thing I remember about my mother was she was always my greatest supporter growing up and I learnt she would good advice but always left the final decision to me.

    • Thanks Susan, Mothers are one of our greatest gifts. Even when they are no longer with us they left us with many memories and the lessons that accompanied them.

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  • Craig Davidson

    This is a great story!  Our mother’s teach us many great lessons throughout life, and I’m thankful for all the wonderful memories I shared with my mom.

    • It is easy to take for granted what is right before us on a day to day basis. As it is with you, I am grateful, everyday, for all the memories and lessons that my mother left me.


  • Great story! I remember my Mom marching up to a neighbor’s door to tell him to mow his tall grass. “He’s a foreigner. He probably doesn’t know our standards.” Yep, I’m sure she was right. He was flabbergasted, but mowed the lawn.

    • I love that story Carol. I could just see the look on his face when she stood there telling him to mow his lawn. He sure got the message. 🙂