Pretzel Crisps Snack Factory, findingourwaynow.comWhile tweeting sometime during the holidays I received a message from the guys at Pretzel Crisps Snack Factory! asking if I would try their product and let them know which ones I liked the best. How did I answer? Heck yes!  When the LARGE package arrived I was amazed.  I had expected small snack packs, but these were the full size packages of each variety.  How cool is that.

Before I begin, let me list all that was included in the Pretzel Crisps Snack Factory package.

  1. A Very Cool Tote Bag
  2. Pretzel Crisps! The Original
  3. Pretzel Crisps! Sesame Seed
  4. Pretzel Crisps! Everything
  5. Pretzel Crisps! Buffalo Wings
  6. Pretzel Crisps! Jalapeño JackPretzel Crisps Snack Factory,
  7. Pretzel Crisps! Dark Chocolate and Peppermint
  8. Pretzel Crisps! White Chocolate and Peppermint
  9. Pretzel Crisps! Chipotle Cheddar
  10. Pretzel Crisps! Garlic Parmesan

Pretzel Crisps Snack Factory

All I can say is giving them an answer proved to be much harder then I would have thought.  In order to help me give it a fair (unscientific… :-)) taste testing I invited my family and a friend to participate.  That wasn’t hard because everyone wanted to try them.  We loved them all.  The other thing that we found very attractive was the fact that they were much lower in calories than the regular pretzel snacks.  That was is a real plus!

I thought instead of giving you our favorites from Pretzel Crisps Snack Factory, I would give you our notes regarding each flavor and let you decide. :-)

Pretzel Crisps Snack Factory, findingourwaynow.comPretzel Crisps! The Original:

    • Clean Pretzel Taste
    • Very versatile and can go with anything
    • This would be great with Hummus or a Vegetable Dip.
    • These would be great paired with a good beer

Pretzel Crisps! Buffalo Wing: (My husbands personal favorite)

    • This would be great with a Ranch or Blue Cheese Dip
    • We would serve these with a good Bloody Mary
    • Just enough spice to taste

Pretzel Crisps! Chipotle Pretzel Crisps! Cheddar:

    • Very mild chili heat
    • This would be a good accompaniment with chili.
    • We would pair this with a good beer

Pretzel Crisps! Jalapeño Jack: (My friends personal favorite)Pretzel Crisps Snack Factory,

    • You could smell the fresh jalapeño on cracker
    • Really fresh jalapeño Taste
    • This would be great with Salsa or  Cheese Dip
    • Mild Heat lingers on tongue

Pretzel Crisps! Sesame:

    • Subtle Sesame Taste
    • We thought this would be good with a hot & sour soup
    • We really liked its appearance

Pretzel Crisps Everything: (My personal favorite)

    • Immediate flavor
    • You could really taste each flavors
    • We loved the way it looked with the spices on the cracker

Pretzel Crisps Snack Factory, findingourwaynow.comPretzel Crisps! Garlic Parmesan:

    • Very light Parmesan and garlic flavor
    • This would be great in a salad in place of croutons

Pretzel Crisps! Dark Chocolate & Peppermint: (These were awesome)

    • We loved it as a light dessert
    • Loved the appearance
    • It has a good Balance with dark chocolate and peppermint
    • Great accompaniment with peppermint tea or coffee

Pretzel Crisps! White Chocolate & Peppermint:

    • We loved it as a light dessert
    • Subtle Peppermint Flavor
    • Pretty appearance.Pretzel Crisps Snack Factory,
    • A great accompaniment with peppermint tea or coffee.

As you can see there is a lot to choose from.  The fact these Pretzel Crisps Snack Factory snacks would and could go with just about anything.  It really all depends on you and what you desire.  Everyone one of the taste testers had their own personal favorites.  The taste testers thoughts all depended on their own personal taste, but it certainly didn’t stop anyone from eating any of item at any given point in time… LOL.  They didn’t last long in our home for a reason. They were all really good.

So you decide.  Give each the snacks from Pretzel Crisps Snack Factory a try and let us know which one you like as your personal favorite, I dare you. Enjoy.

Have your tried these awesome snacks?  What are your thoughts?  We would love to hear.

Time to eat…

Note: This product was provided by Pretzel Crisps.  All thoughts, opinions and photographs are 100% mine.

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  • Martin Casper

    Now you are talkin’. Pretzels…hard, soft or anywhere in between are great anytime for a snack. Love those soft ones. Thanks for sharing this! My wife would probably go straight for the chocolate ones…lol

    • Susan Cooper

      Thanks Martin, A woman after my own heart. That is exactly what I did… LOL

  • Elizabeth Sott


    I fell in love with the Jalepeno pretzels….. I look for them in the stores and hide them from my children….

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Elizabeth, They were really good, huh. I can see you doing that… LOL.

  • Julie

    Oh Yum, gonna try these when i go to the store next.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Julie, Way cool. Let me know what you think when you do. :-)

  • HB

    Cool, I will try these, especially the Buffalo Wings ones

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi HB, Good to see you. That’s awesome and enjoy. :-)

  • jeannettepaladino

    I love Pretzel Crisps. They are addictive!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jeannette, So do I… :-) and that they are… LOL.

  • Jon Jefferson

    I have had these before. They make a fun change from chips… again.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jon, They are good. That they do. :-)

  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    Holy pretzels! I’ve never noticed these in the store, but I will keep an eye out tonight when I buy groceries. I know I would like the jalepeno ones!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jeri, They are really good and you can’t beat that they are lower in calories. You’ll love the jalepeno ones. :-)

      • Jeri Walker-Bickett

        I did try the jalepeno ones and I loved them. I loved them so much that my finger started to sting from the pepper powder on them when I couldn’t stop feasting on them. I think I”ll try the chipotle ones next.

        • Susan Cooper

          I found that too… LOL. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the others. :-)

      • Jeri Walker-Bickett

        I did try the jalepeno ones and I loved them. I loved them so much that my finger started to sting from the pepper powder on them when I couldn’t stop feasting on them. I think I”ll try the chipotle ones next.

  • Susan Oakes

    I din’t think we have pretzel crisps or something equivalent. They do look tasty.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Susan, They are and fairly new here so, who knows, you may see them in the near future. :-)

  • Leora Wenger

    My daughter likes these. We’ve had the plain kind and the Everything type. You can really use them like chips for dips or put a piece of cheese on top.

    • Susan Cooper

      Ho Leora, My like the “Everything” type the best as well. I had with a slice of cheese and it was great. :-)

  • Jo-Anne

    Wow these look great I love pretzels…….

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jo-Anne, So does my family. They really are. :-)))

  • Kelly Wade

    I had no idea there were this many flavors of pretzel crisps! I’ve had the Garlic Parmesan and Original flavors before and absolutely loved them. Great idea for replacing croutons on a salad with them, I might have to try that. How awesome it must be to get some free treats to taste-test.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Kelly, I honestly didn’t know that either. It was fun tasting all of them. They certainly didn’t last very long. :-)

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    I’d love to try these! They sound yummy!!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Krystle, I know you’d love these.

  • Jane Meadows

    I like how I automatically became hungry reading this.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jane, That is too cute. Thanks for visiting. :-)

  • Catarina Alexon

    Have always wondered why pretzels are such a huge thing in the US and not in Europe:-) Having said that some of them are tasty.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Catarina. I think it having them with mustard is what they are so popular. What ever and how ever we eat them, these are pretty tasty. :-)

  • AuctionMama

    What a great opportunity. I had no idea they had so many different flavors. I have gotten the original before to use with spinach dip. It’s so hard to find the right match for spinach dip, besides just a spoon. I’ll have to try some of those other fun flavors, especially the sweet ones. :-)

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi AuctionMama, (Love that name) I didn’t either. I now look for some of the others for a variation from other kinds of chips. The sweet ones are really fun. :-)

  • Devon

    I like your crouton idea for the parmesan ones. I have a bag in my pantry!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Devon, They really do add a bit of crunch to a salad. Enjoy. :-)

  • Mark Brody

    OK… I am really thinking about going to the store right now, even though I am very comfortable at home. Great post Susan! You really know how to engage the readers senses! :-)
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Mark, It’s good the see you here. Thanks Mark. If you do go to the store, come back and let me know what you liked. :-)

  • Gerald Smith

    They look nice. I don’t think we get those in the UK. I would love to try them though.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Gerald, Not yet anyway. You will love them when they do get there. :-)

  • Stan Cahn

    I’m addicted to Bagel Chips, but have not tried any of these, though I see them in my supermarket.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Stan, Then you would love these. Give them a try and let me know how they compare. :-)

  • Punky Coletta

    Mmmm. These are so good. I tried them for the first time just recently. Yum!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hey Punky, That’s great, and I do agree, they are really good. Yum indeed. :-)

  • Adrienne Jones

    Wow, you hit the mother load! We love these, but sometimes they cost a loony amount of money.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Adrienne, I really did, didn’t I. They are really delicious. Enjoy. :-)