• Jacqueline Gum

    I never would think to preserve lemons as they are abundant in the stores. Although these Meyer lemons have a flavor all their own, so it might be worth trying.

  • I have a friend who does all manner of canning. I’ll have to ask her if she’s ever preserved lemons before.

  • Susan — I guess it’s the salt that acts as a preservative. But after storing for such a length of time, is the lemon taste affected even after washing them off? Seems they would change flavor at least a little bit.

  • Interesting

  • What a great idea, when you have to many to use! I never knew you could preserve lemons this way. Thanks for the little history lesson!

  • This looks delicious. I love the idea of adding the preserved lemons to salad. I will have to try this one soon. =)

  • I don’t live in a climate where lemons grow but I’ve spent winters in Arizona and seen lemon trees overflowing with fruit, a lot of which I knew would never be used. Preserving them for the off-season is such a good idea. I’m sure the flavour would be almost like fresh.

  • OK. you got my attention when you mentioned that the preserved lemons would be good in a Bloody Mary! Would love to try that!