• Jacqueline Gum

    OMG! I don’t think anyone loves donuts as much as I do! We made them when I was a kid, but we deep fried them! So this baked donut recipe looks fantastic. Can’t wait to try it Susan!

  • Yum-oh!! First, I always thought donuts were fried, so this is a huge bonus, as I don’t have a deep fryer, and then, what a brilliant idea to use a ziplock bag as a forcing tool. We have a great bakery near us and they put blueberries and a little creamy stuff inside the donuts. Delicious. Thanks so much for the recipe:-)

  • Baked donuts… now that is awesome. These look really good and the sheer variety of ways they can be decorated only adds to the fun.

  • This is an amazing recipe!! So easy to sub out the flour for a gluten free one, too! Thanks Susan.

  • Damn these look nice an yummy

  • mmmm… This brings back memories!! Mind you ours were a bit heavier because of deep frying. This is a much healthier choice:) Thanks Susan!

  • This looks so good. I just have to show my family such grand recipe.

    Thanks for sharing Susan

  • This is one dad who would welcome homemade donuts for tather’s day.

  • Julie

    Oh my gosh, do these ever look good. I ma going to make these the first opportunity I have.

  • Do you get your utensils online? I’ve never known of a pan that has the molds for donuts before.
    Way back ‘in the day’, my friends and I made donuts using refrigerator biscuits and dipping them in hot Cresco in a sauce pan.

  • They are fun, and they taste like the cake donuts. They’re great as dunkers too.

  • Krystyna Lagowski

    Susan, I had no idea it was so straightforward to make donuts. I always thought they were deep fried! Baking is much better. Would love to try making these with a maple flavour icing – that can’t be too difficult … hmm …

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    These look lovely Susan!! Great idea. Here a lot of the schools do a donuts for dad day and a muffins for mom day. It’s cute. I’ve only had homemade donuts once. I know the kids liked them but I’m not sure if I tried them. My favorite donuts are Krispy Kreme. They are SO addicting that I don’t even like Dunkin Donuts lol.

  • Catarina Alexon

    Your donuts look and sound delicious, Susan. Love to have a donut once in a while. Have to admit though that I don’t have a donut well. Not sure you can get one in Europe. Probably in shops that specialize in baking.

  • Hi Susan, the donuts look wonderful. I love all the different toppings and glazes, and the fact that they’re baked. Wonderful gift for Dad, or anyone. =)

  • My mother used to make donuts – both baked donuts and raised deep-fried donuts. They were great, but we never decorated them as nicely as yours. They look wonderful. Donuts aren’t something I make, but I did come across a mini-donut muffin recipe that tastes pretty good.

  • There is a place a few blocks from me called FoNuts. They make baked donuts and they are really expensive. I went there once and it was $7 for two donuts, though they were good. I can’t eat gluten so I’m gonna have to do some substituting, but I can totally see it working. Ah, they are so pretty in the box! Ok, I’ll let you know how my gluten-free donuts go!

  • Another recipe to sent to my daughter-in-law. My grandkids have so much fun making up your recipes – they always tell me how good everything is (kind of in the ha-ha, we ate them all way). They look wonderful Susan. This time I hope they save me one.