• Catarina Alexon

    Idaho wines, what a surprise. But then again you have Swedish and English wines. Just shows that anything’s possible if you have an open mind and are determined.

    • Jeri Walker

      Catarina, even some of the coldest states like Minnesota are producing wines. Many grapes are much heartier than many people realize.

  • Cheryl Therrien

    It’s great to hear about Idaho wines from a resident. It’s a real surprise to hear about wine coming from Idaho. Who knew? It sounds like Idaho might be a better place to grow them than the California wine country. Very interesting indeed. 🙂

    • Jeri Walker

      Cheryl, growing conditions in the Snake River Valley really are ideal. It will be amazing to see how many more acres of grapes are planted here in the coming decade.

  • jim adams

    I had to share this as it’s about wine 🙂 Everyone should drink Wine no matter whether from Idaho, Manchester or Spain. *and pours himself another….*

    • Jeri Walker

      Jim, I so agree 😉 The more I travel, the more I make an effort to try a given area’s wines.

  • Jacqueline Gum

    I was sure surprised to hear that Idaho is yet another state producing wine! I had no idea and was delighted to hear of it from a resident!

    • Jeri Walker

      Jacquie, it’s pretty amazing that so many wineries are just mere miles from my house. I’m bound and determined to visit as many as possible before I have to move again.

  • mlmkareem

    I do not drink wine but this looks like a great place to take a female friend. Great post

    • Jeri Walker

      MLM, there’s just something about a drive through wine country or a visit to a vineyard that is always conducive to a great date.

  • Jacs Henderson

    Would love a picnic on the Lovely Snake River Valley, with a glass (or 2!) of your choice Cycles Gladiator Pinot Grigio 2011.
    Jacs 🙂

    • Jeri Walker

      Jacs, sounds lovely, but hopefully you would want to try an Idaho wine while in the Snake River Valley as well 😉

      • Jacs Henderson

        Without a doubt Jeri 😉

  • S P Mount

    Love wine tours, lucky enough to have lived in Italy and escorted them, love wine, a bit of a wine snob actually, but always am delighted to get great recommendations . . . And here’s one for you, simply one of the best Sirayh’s I’ve ever tasted, I have to stop myself from drinking the entire bottle, and it’s great as soon as its uncorked too, no need to aerate! Their Chardonnay is pretty spectacular also – Black Hills, from British Columbia. Fantastic. Nice article.

    • Jeri Walker

      S.P., I will definitely add your recommendation to my ever-expanding “must try” list of wines since you have such good taste in all things. Thanks so much for stopping by Susan’s blog.

  • Greg Narayan

    Thanks Jeri! Another push to visit Idaho and it’s treasures. Once again a post at Finding Our Way Now makes my boxed wine feel like so much more. Love how you guys travel about.

    • Jeri Walker

      Greg, in addition to an emerging wine industry, Idaho also has the largest section of isolated wilderness in the lower 48 states in the Frank Church Wilderness. There is so much to see and do here for wine and nature lovers alike.

  • Jon Jefferson

    When you think of all the havoc that Prohibition caused for the alcohol community in this country, it is a bit amazing that we have been able to recover at all. Cheers to Idaho returning to what it once lost.

    • Jeri Walker

      Jon, I was really surprised to learn that Northwest wines actually got a start in the Lewiston area. In many ways, Idaho gets overlooked but that’s starting to change as more people hear about all the good things here. When I worked in Florida, I always got asked about the skinhead compound in Hayden Lake. The state has come a long way since then…

  • Beth – http://EncoreWomen.com

    It is amazing that wine is being produced all over these days. I didn’t know about Idaho wines. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed a few days in Sandpoint, Idaho last summer. Beautiful country.

    • Jeri Walker

      Beth, Sandpoint is amazing! Lake Pend Oreille is so striking and the town is so laid back with a more hip feel than many other cities in the state. Plus, my family has a cabin in Montana that’s only 45 minutes away. It’s safe to say I would move to Sandpoint in a heartbeat if it was closer to the Spokane airport.

      • Beth – http://EncoreWomen.com

        Yes, the only disadvantage is that it is a tad hard to get to.

  • Laurie Hurley

    I had no clue Idaho produced anything but potatoes! Beautiful pictures and some great information. I have never been to Idaho, but if I ever get there, I am absolutely going to find my way to the Snake River Valley. Some great facts about the Northwest one would never know! Nice post and thanks for sharing with us.

    • Jeri Walker

      Laurie, it’s safe to say Idaho offers so much more than just potatoes 😉 While the Snake River is beautiful, I personally feel the Salmon River is the most breathtaking.

  • Adrienne

    I didn’t have a clue either Jeri that Idaho produced wine. I’m learning a lot of really cool things on this post so thank you for sharing this with us. It being your home state then of course you have a heck of a lot more knowledge then we do.

    The snake river sounds like it goes on forever it seems. I bet that is a great place for growing wine and something I’d like to see some day. I love road trips.

    Great share here today Susan with Jeri educating us about this. I feel so smart now. LOL!!


    • Jeri Walker

      Adrienne, I’m glad you found the post informative. I learned a lot by writing it as well. It’s actually the 13th longest river in the US.

  • Donna Janke

    I didn’t know Idaho produced wine. I’ll have to look for the labels you’ve mentioned and try them. I’ve never been to Idaho, but hopefully some day.

    • Jeri Walker

      Donna, if you can get your hands one some of the wines made in Idaho I think you will be pleasantly surprised with many of them.

  • Sharon Purvis

    I have two friends who live in Boise, and this is all the more reason for me to go out and visit! Very cool.

    • Jeri Walker

      Sharon, a visit to Boise should definitely include some winery-tasting stops 😉

  • Susan, I had no idea that Idaho produced wine! Live and learn right? I’m pretty interested in how it must taste. I wrote down the names and will look for the labels. I love wine! It’s fun to try different kinds.

    Thanks for sharing this info!


    • Jeri Walker

      Donna, it seems everyone is surprised to learn about Idaho’s evolving wine industry. I hope you do try a few…

      • Jeanette Andersen

        I’ve been learning more things all the time about Idaho. It’s a great place to live and visit.

        • Jeri Walker

          Jeanette, long time no see! It’s good to see you. As someone who also lives in the area, you won’t be disappointed if you start exploring the wineries in the area. It’s always a great way to spend the day, especially when the weather improves a bit.

          • Jeanette Andersen

            Thank you and it’s great to see you. I’m getting back in the grove and away from the winter blues. And I’m ready to take a leave and see some new places SW Idaho. 🙂

  • laurazera

    I never think to look for Idaho wines in the PNW, Jeri, so thanks for planting the (grape)seed. Wine is one of the things that I’ve discovered really gets my allergies going, but I will still suffer the consequences from time to time and have a glass or two. I’ve developed a fondness for Malbecs lately…

    • Jeri Walker

      Laura, just think we could potentially hit the road and explore the entire Columbia River Valley someday when I’m in your neck of the woods, or I could show you the Snake River Valley. We might need a designated driver… 😉

  • Jeanette Andersen

    I don’t drink, but Idaho does have some breath taking views. The Snake River has a perfect fishing spot in Melba, (town by the Boise area). And doing historical research in my home town in Nampa, for my book has brought up lots of interesting subjects. Big Foot is one of them. Jeri, we need to meet and do some exploring.

    • I have heard that Jeannette, I look forward to visiting the area and do some exploring with Jeri. 🙂

      Oh, and thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

      • Jeanette Andersen

        That would be fun.