Franciscan Equilibrium White Blend, findingourwaynow.comWhen I received the package with the Franciscan Equilibrium White Blend from Franciscan Estate Winery, it was perfect timing. It arrived just in time allowing us the opportunity to enjoy this great white wine following an incredibly hot day.

The receipt of This Franciscan Equilibrium White Blend was such a pleasure.  Nevertheless, any thoughts and opinions regarding this wonderful wine are truly my own.

Franciscan Equilibrium White Blend, findingourwaynow.comFranciscan Estate Winery is one of the early pioneers of the Napa wine region. The Franciscan Estate Winery was established in 1973 and began producing wines in 1975. They pride themselves in only using the highest quality grapes worthy of the Franciscan Estate label.  They produce their wines in small lots, which will allow the wine’s unmistakable characteristics to shine through.  From their inception, they have endeavored to produce perfection in every bottle and to create the best wine possible. They have succeeded with this in their Franciscan Equilibrium White Blend.

They are located in Oakville, between St. Helen and Rutherford CA.  The Franciscan Estate Winery has a beautiful facility located in a very charming part of Napa valley.  They provide wine tastings, guided tours and seminars on a daily basis that are all well worth the time. If you’re looking for something a bit special, the winery offers you the opportunity to schedule a private tasting, a really fun thing to do.

Franciscan Equilibrium White Blend

This is what the winemaker has to say about the Franciscan Equilibrium White Blend:

Franciscan Equilibrium White Blend,“Our Equilibrium white blend is a rich, fun, and unique wine that’s easy to enjoy. The name Equilibrium means “to come together in a state of harmonious balance.” With this in mind, our winemakers crafted a unique expression of artisanal blending. Crisp mouthfeel showing bright floral notes along with refreshing pear and white peach flavors, Equilibrium is an ensemble of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Muscat. The perception of sweetness enables it to pair beautifully with a range of foods, from spicy barbeque to Thai and other Asian cuisines.”

You can find Franciscan Equilibrium White Blend occasionally on their website and by using their retail locator to see if it’s available locally.

We very much enjoyed this wine and would definitely seek it out again. I can see how it would pair well with my Easy Dry Rub Ribs.  In fact, I may just have to make my ribs and have some friends over for a gathering and to share this Franciscan Equilibrium White Blend at the event.  I know they would love it.

Time for a glass…

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  • Cheryl Therrien

    You know me and wine labels. Very nice one here. Interesting name for a wine – equilibrium. :)

    • Susan P. Cooper

      I do love that label too! The art of finding the right label is something that takes many hours and lots and lots of research. :-)

  • Catarina Alexon

    You really recommend a lot of wines from Napa Valley that seem worth trying. Makes me think of Falcon Crest, remember?:-)

    • Susan P. Cooper

      Aw, I had forgotten about the show. the business of wine making isn’t quite as glamourous as it was portrayed. I is lots and lots of hard work. But what comes of it can be something very special. :-)

  • Edward Reid

    Hopefully the Equilibrium white blend will be available soon down here in the Miami area. The Merlot is here and is available in several locations not too far from where I live. Thank you for your post and I will keep looking for the wine. I’ll ask about it at my local wine store.

    • Susan P. Cooper

      You’re so very welcome. I’m sure it will be too Edward. If you see their Merlot, then this is not to far behind. You might check their website for possible retail locations. :-)

  • Sally DeSmet

    Wonderful blend – I’m going to see if I can find it here — and yes, I love the name! Love your blog and I look forward to reading more!

    • Susan P. Cooper

      Hi Sally and welcome and thank you. :-) . That is very cool. Let me know what you think when you do. :-)

  • Jon Jefferson

    I have enjoyed some unblended muscats in the past. Could be a fun tasting to try some unblendeds side by side with this to compare the different flavor notes.

    • Susan P. Cooper

      Hi Jon, It would. I would be interested in what your thoughts are when you you do.

  • Susan Oakes

    That is an interesting combination Susan and looks like a wine to try.

    • Susan P. Cooper

      Hi Susan, It is that. If you have a chance to get your hands on a bottle, I know you’d love it. :-)

  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    I’m thinking this one would go great with some crisp sliced apples.

    • Susan P. Cooper

      Hi Jeri, I believe it would. It is a nice wine just to have. :-)

  • Ashley Faulkes

    oh my god, a balanced white with ribs!! great idea. Summer is finally here in Europe and we are enjoying lots of great French whites at the moment but I had not considered it with ribs!!

    • Susan P. Cooper

      Hi Ashley, It all depends on the white wine but yes this one would be great with ribs. You gotta love that. :-)

  • Elizabeth Scott

    I must agree with Cheryl about the name and label. One of my favorite labels you have reviewed was Mirrasou. Every time I go shopping I show David the wines you have reviewed.

    • Susan P. Cooper

      Thanks Elizabeth. The label is kinda cool. I like the Mirrasou label too. I think is so fun that you remember and so are able to show David the different wines I’ve written about. :-)

  • Antionette Blake

    Wow, glad to follow this blog – love learning new things, especially wine-related!

    • Susan P. Cooper

      How cool Antionette, That is very cool. I would say we are kindred spirits then. :-)

  • Debra Yearwood

    Mmmm, sounds like a delicious pairing, the Franciscan white and the the dry ribs. Definitely sounds like a new summertime favourite.

    • Susan P. Cooper

      It is just so good together Debra. It is one of our favorite combos, especially in the hot summer months. :-)