It always a big help to have a great compote on hand, such as this Easy Dried Fruits Compote, when the you need a bit of something different, especially when un expected company shows up.

This is an amazingly easy and delicious recipe made with dried fruit.  I found this simple and fun Easy Dried Fruits Compote recipe in the How To Cook Everything: The Basics by Mark Bittman.  It’s great warmed or cold served all by itself or with a nice sweeten crème fraîche. Of course, it makes a very nice hostess gift from our kitchen.

Easy Dried Fruits Compote

Easy Dried Fruits Compote,


  • 2 pounds assorted dried fruits: apricots, pears, peaches, prunes, raisins, apples, cherries, etc
  • 2 cups orange juice, preferably freshly squeezed, or water
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • ¼ cup lemon juice


Mix all ingredients together; add enough water to cover the fruit by an inch or two. Cover and refrigerate, stirring every few hours and serve when the fruit is tender, at least Easy Dried Fruits Compote, findingourwaynow.com4 hours. If you’re ready to serve the fruit, then drain, cover, and refrigerate the remainder to use at a later time.

Notes:  If the dried fruit is very dry, it may take a bit longer to gain the proper tenderness.

I’ll make this Easy Dried Fruits Compote ahead of time and serve it as a lighter dessert or as a side dish at breakfast. It really works well at any time of year for any occasion or on any type of holiday. This Easy Dried Fruits Compote makes for a great gift from your kitchen packaged in a pretty jar with a bit of raffia and a tag. Enjoy.

Time to eat…

If you liked this Easy Dried Fruits Compote, then you might want to check some of my other recipes such as these Ambrosia Fruit SaladFruit and Nut Scones and Artichoke and Bell Pepper Salad. Enjoy.

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  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    I think I would definitely try it warm and with crème fraîche. Woot! I think this is the first time I’ve commented so quickly after you put up a post :)

    • Susan Cooper

      Hey There Jeri, WOW, look at you go and you beat Cheryl too. This is just the simplest ever recipe and I LOVE it warmed. :)

  • Cheryl Therrien

    I can’t believe Jeri beat me today and commented first. Big sigh… recipe looks delish!

    • Susan Cooper

      Yep, she beat you to the punch… LOL. It’s amazingly good for how simple it is. :)

  • Mike Owens

    dried fruit, especially apricots, won’t make it that far around me. This recipe looks pretty simple, but I love them too much to wait even that long.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Mike, LOL… then I would suggest only using the other fruits in this recipe. :-)

  • Dan Meyers

    The best part about this – it’s not full of sugar! So much of the dried “fruit” you buy at the store are super loaded, so this is refreshing to see.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Dan, That is one of the reasons I liked it so much. It really is a very refreshing change from all the sugar ladened items we have on hand at this time of year. :-)

  • Dan Meyers

    The best part about this – it’s not full of sugar! So much of the dried “fruit” you buy at the store are super loaded, so this is refreshing to see.

  • Stephanie Ruby Feldman

    Sounds easy and yummy! perhaps even a great gift!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Stephanie, It really is. The hard part is waiting for it to be done. I have given it away as a gift and people have loved it. :-)

  • Julie

    Oh yumm, I have looking for a recipe like this. Thank you and I LOVE your contest.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Julie, That’s cool and thank you. :-)

  • Grace

    This looks good and EASY! I’m going to give it a try

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Grace, Easy is what it is. They are just the best when you’re looking for something a bit different. :-)

  • Jamie

    Oh, so simple, and looks delicious!! Yum

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Jamie, It really is and one I really enjoy making. :-)

  • Stan

    I have a German crock that my mother had, where she would put the fruits in. The only difference in her recipe, was she used Rum instead of the Juice.

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Stan, I know what you mean and I have done that too. It’s different but just as good. This recipe is for the people who prefer no alcohol. :-)

  • Patrick Huff

    Oh, I love compote. This would be great to top a baked brie

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Patrick, It’s funny you should mention that. I chop them up a bit and add them to baked brie and it’s yummy

  • Martin Casper

    Compotes like these can be used in so many ways. I love multi-dimensional stuff! Looks yummy!

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Martin, They really can and my favorite thing about this recipe. Happy Holidays my friend. :)

  • Claire Cappetta

    Looks and sounds delicious! Just wondering if a little brandy added would give it a little Christmas flavor… Or would that just be me! lol ;-D

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Claire, It’s one of those dishes that’s nice to have on hand when you need something other then sugar… LOL. Oh, and a good Brandy would work very well with this… LOL.

  • Lisa J. Jackson

    This is a great suggestion for a breakfast side – or maybe as a ‘summit’ treat when I go hiking. I appreciate the book references you’ve been giving us too. These posts are really quite inspiring to me. I’d love to make something myself instead of buying it premade. Thank you again! (and I think I’ve caught up with the posts – it’s been a hectic week for me and I couldn’t get here until now).

    • Susan Cooper

      Hi Lisa, Ah, not to worry. I do understand the work thing. I’m glad the book references have been helpful. They are some of my favorites for a reason. :). You’ll love how easy and versatile this recipe is. :-)

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