One of my readers, Sean Jeffries, recommended I take a look at the Barefoot Sweet Red Wine. So off to the store I went. The price was so reasonable, I bought three different Barefoot Wines and findingourwaynow.comgave them a try. My neighbor and I tasted their Sweet Red Wine, Moscato Spumante and Chardonnay. The Sweet Red Wine and Moscato Spumante are true to their name. I can see where where these wines would be something someone with a sweet wine tooth would very much enjoy. The Chardonnay was light and fruity and not quite as sweet as the first two.

Barefoot Wines and Bubbly was initially conceived in a garage by Davis Bynum. His first creation was the Barefoot Bynum Burgundy. Enter Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey. They then took the label and wine to the mainstream in 1986. Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery then bought the Barefoot label and winery in 2005. The Barefoot Cellars are based in the California Central Valley region, in the town of Modesto.

The Barefoot Cellars label was created because it was easy to pronounce and it initially was a home operated winery. The name purpose of their label and the wine was to have fun with it. The problem was finding the right image for the label. This is the fun part. They were able to find something they liked and fit their wine. In their frustration, Bonnie Harvey just rolled out some paper, stepped on an ink-pad with her foot and created the footprint you see on the label today, how cool is that.

findingourwaynow.comTheir motto is “Good times are great, but good times that do good are even better”. They take that motto to heart by sponsoring and participating in many charitable events or causes such as Association of Volleyball Professionals, “Walk For A Cause”, “Beach Rescue Project” and “LGBTQ”. They now support over 3,000 charities worldwide.

Barefoot Wine producing 17 unique varietals and blends.  Barefoot Wine has received several awards and accolades including the “Fastest growing wine amongst the TOP 5 Popular brands” and “Market Watch Magazine Wine Brand of the Year (2007)”.


Sweet Red Wine: Chill out (no seriously, try this chilled) with the ripe, juicy flavors of raspberry, pomegranate and cherry. Perfect partners for Grilled veggies. Marinated steaks. Gather up the family and friends for a BBQ.

Moscato Spumante:  Sweet as a peach! Apricot and peachy flavors mix it up with a crisp acidity that hangs around with a really nice finish named tangerine.  Aperitif or après dinner (ok, you can even enjoy it during) Perfect partners with a dessert or heat it up with a plate of something spicy.

Chardonnay: Dripping with honeyed peach and Fuji apple flavors, it’s as smooth and golden as… gold. Medium-weight with a sweet vanilla aroma. Yum! From sunsets to that reality show marathon. This Chardonnay always has a good time with fresh fruits, white sauce pasta and some light seafood.”

findingourwaynow.comYou can find these very reasonably priced wines just about anywhere such as;,,, CostPlus/World market, and many grocery stores or wine markets.

If you’re a fan of a sweeter wine, then these are the wines for you.

What are some of your favorite wines?  I would love to hear and showcase your suggestions.

Time for a glass…

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PS: What are some of your favorite wines? If you would like to write a guest post about an experience, I would love to hear from you.





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  • Cheryl Therrien

    I love that label! Put a smile on my face. :)

    • Susan Cooper

      It is a fun label and I love how they achieved too. :)

  • Shan Non

    I will have to try this brand for the Sweet Red. I have tried their (regular?) moscato but not the kind you tried. I like both as a “when the kids go to bed” glass of wine to relax with.

    • Susan Cooper

      Cool! They are 17 different Barefoot Wines. Some are sweeter then other Have fun with it. Let me know what you tried and how you liked it. :-)

  • Elizabeth Sott

    Thanks for this post. I had no idea that Barefoot was from Modesto. I will have to try this one. Would you suggest using this brand for Sangria? Also you should review Delecato Winery in Manteca.

    • Susan Cooper

      The red sweet wine is pretty darn sweet so if you used in a Sangria you would need any sugar. It may be interesting to give it a try. I have review a Delicato wine in the past but they have a number of varietals and labels that would be fun to check out. It might be worth a winery visit to see, don’t you think? :-)

  • Tammi @ Momma’s Meals

    Yes Wine Please!! The bubbley is my favorite! My hubby and I started drinking it after we were married because it’s like champagne! I had no idea it was started in a garage! Interesting!

    • Susan Cooper

      I always love to read the history of some wines, they are just too fun. Isn’t the label story the coolest?

  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    A surprisingly decent wine considering it gets full frontal attention at Wal-Mart’s aisles! Boujailais is the only red that I’ve ever tried chilled. Reminds me of a time that I and two friends all showed up to our monthly writer’s dinner with the same type of wine. Oh what fun wine can add to a meal :)

    • Susan Cooper

      Yes, they are. They have 17 different varietals so you pretty much find something for any taste. :-)

  • shirla

    Susan, I always enjoy a new and fresh perspective on your blogs, i.e. life, business, food and wines. That being said, when it came to the Barefoot brand of Sweet Red I anticipated something TOTALLY different from my experience. (I have enjoyed Barefoot’s brand of Cabernet, Pinot Noir), but this was not a pleasant journey for me and my friends. Sweet was definitely a nice expression of its properties as a wine. I would also stay away from the Rex Goliath Range Free Red, it falls in the same category. I try to go with, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”, so I hope this doesn’t come across as such. All I can recommend is if you’re looking for a full-bodied wine that holds up its end of the bargain in a “plato fuerte”, substantial meal…this would not be a good choice. As you had said before, perhaps this would be better served in a conglomeration such as a Sangria where the ingredients/spices could be dialed in. Oh, not a big fan of Moscato either, but different strokes, different different folks. Se la vie!

    • Susan Cooper

      The beauty of wine is there is always something for everyone. Although I prefer a more full bodied wine I appreciate that other’s do not. I find my palate is in the medium bold range when it comes to my wine preference, not to bold and not to sweet. What I love about the wine and the wine industry are their histories and their commitment to making the best product possible for their audience… Cheers and “vive la différence”

  • HB

    Not a fan but I do love this and your wine reviews.

    • Susan Cooper

      I understand every type of wine has it’s own following, but I am glad you enjoy reading my wine posts

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    I am def a fan of more sweet wines. I hate bitter ones. I want to find a wine I actually like since our new house will have a built in wine rack in the kitchen

    • Susan Cooper

      Then you will definitely like the Red Sweet Wine & Moscato Spumante by Barefoot Wines. When you give it a try, let me know what you think. :-)