• Southernortherner

    Love (and most definetly appreciate)  this post! For a brief time before I got married I was a Customer Service Manager at a children’s book store and it was one of the most difficult jobs I have ever had. People don’t realize how hard it is to be in charge of others LOL!

    I’ve always thought that everyone should have to get at least one job in retail, any kind of management position, and be a server at a restaurant before they die, then they might appreciate how hard we work (or have worked) and how difficult and stressful it can be  :).

    • What a great idea. We could put all those armchair quarterbacks in charge for a period of time and, just maybe, there would be some semblance of saneness in the work place. Thanks so much for your thoughts. 🙂

  • Love it. So true. I’ve had some incredible managers and I appreciate that being a good manager means making decisions that won’t always make you likeable. 

    • You are so right, However wanting to be liked is a trap that many fall in to. Being a good manger is hard. Being a poor one is harder yet. Thanks so much for your thoughts. 🙂

      • Todd

         Yes Susan, but it’s amazing at how much ‘effort’ many managers put into being poor leaders. I would argue that it’s often actually more work to avoid doing one’s job as a leader.

        • I absolutely agree with you. Working at being a good leader is very hard work indeed. Because of that effort, they are able to get out ahead of issues and that makes the job much more interesting and fun.

          A leader who doesn’t work at it, in fact, will find themselves mired in issues, putting out fires and reacting to situations ALL the time. That is a very tough way to go.

  • Dan Meyers

    I’ve been lucky enough to have some incredible managers throughout the years.  The best ones kept me informed, gave me feedback, and supported me as necessary.  As I worked my way into supervisor roles, I learned how much effort it took to manage like this!  Looking forward to hearing your lessons on it.

    • Thanks, This page has been in the works for a while. Sometimes a great deal of experience can get in the way of writing interesting, effective and useful material. I think I am now ready to give it a go. 🙂

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  • Shirla Vergara

    You hit the nail on the head with this one Susan!!!  There are those individuals who have the opportunity & privelage to lead/mentor others.  Sadly enough some attempt to “change” the diamond in the rough, like salmon swimming upstream while focusing on hitting the teams goals; whereas another polishes the diamond by acclimating his or her skills into each of the participants skills/strengths.  A team is only as good as each individual—including the supervisor. 

    • I think you’re right. It is a privilege not a right to have the opportunity to lead a group of individuals. If we find a way to do it well everyone benefits. The rewards for making an effort to be the best manager you can be are enormous. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.