• This looks so yummy! I never made anything like this. It seems so easy I can even make it for company. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rose Mary Griffith

    Hm, more things that look delicious. This over homemade ice cream? I’ll be right over!

  • Never heard of Rumtopf. I don’t think Apple has either because spell correct keeps trying to change to word. Sounds interesting but I suspect form the recipe a bit sweet for my taste.

  • That’s really cool. I’ve been made aware of saving veggies that are getting old by adding them to a jar of vinegar in the fridge. Now I can possibly use some of my fruit leftovers from smoothies and juicing for somethign like this.

  • Never heard of this before but it does sound nice

  • Yummm, Susan! You always come up with the best recipes. I would love to try this brandied Rumtopf.

  • This is fascinating! And it looks delicious with that ice cream and pound cake. Great idea for a gift!

  • I’ve never heard of or had Rumtopf. I think it would be very tasty over ice cream.