• Catarina Alexon

    What a wonderful idea, Susan. Love apple cider!

  • Sounds delish and all the more do on a frigid morning.

  • This would really hit the spot, and it’s such a great seasonal drink 🙂 It would ease the pain of looking at all the snow outside my window right now.

  • Interesting I am not a fan of cider though

  • A lot more ingredients than the way I usually make it. Will have to give it a try.

  • I didn’t even know there was an Instant Apple Cider mix. Sounds delicious. Living in a warm climate now, I think I’d make it iced Cider!

  • Rose Mary Griffith

    I like Jeannette’s idea for this drink iced…and with a shot of vodka in it. ha ha! Can you tell that I am truly ready for the holidays? This is a lovely recipe and I’m off to share it.