• I love Chai Tea Susan. lately I’ve had to cut back on anything with caffeine, re: acid reflux. However I can still enjoy the occasional cup of it, as well as a coffee. Just not everyday. This recipe sounds perfect and I will give it a try!

  • Catarina Alexon

    Love that kind of mix. In Sweden it’s called Chai Latte and served in coffee shops similar to Starbucks.

  • Jacqueline Gum

    Yum! What a fantastic thing to have on hand!

  • Debra Yearwood

    Yum, this sounds awesome. I’m a big fan of chai tea. Susan, do you have a suggestion for replacing the hazelnut non-dairy creamer for the nut free crowd

  • I only tried Chai tea for the first time not too long ago and really liked it. It’s one of these things why I can’t say whatever kept me from trying it.

  • That’s great Susan. I love Chai tea, but the milk doesn’t agree with me, so to have the basic spices is perfect for me. Presumably I could add it to green tea too which suits me better than English breakfast!

  • My husband thanks you in advance for this treat, Susan! He loves chai tea, and now I have no excuse not to keep some handy for him. I love your blender idea! Pinning…

  • I love chai tea. I can’t drink it too much because it keeps me up at night. But, I will definitely try this one. I made it once with cinnamon sticks, whole ginger, whole cardamon, and nutmeg. I had to allow it to soak longer because it wasn’t ground, but it was refreshing. I love when tea is pleasing to more than one senses. What a great gift for tea drinkers! Thanks for sharing

  • OK..after a search of the area stores and on-line search, Canada does not offer instant tea. So… I found a gentleman who was trying to make his own Chai tea mix as well, and his solution was to make the mix, less the instant tea (obviously),and then add the required portion to a cup of hot brewed tea. He claims that it is quite tasty. I will try it and report back!
    Hugs to you dear Susan.

  • Hi Susan,

    Nice chai tea recipe! And what an excellent idea for gifting. I’ll be trying out some of these things (in my spare time, haha)…