• Jacqueline Gum

    Interesting story….love anything that has endured and continued to thrive since 1588! But alas, Port is not my thing…..though my mother in law ended every day with a small glass:)

    • Yep, port is not something everyone enjoys Jacquie. Regardless, you have to love their story and wouldn’t you love to visit that place?

  • Cheryl Therrien

    I love that they remain a ‘family’ business. Good for them! Nice looking bottle. 🙂

    • Me too Cheryl, It really shows the love and passion for their craft as well as their family heritage.

  • Cheryl Therrien

    Alas… only 1 image will let me Pin it and it is not the wine bottle or label.

    • I figured it out – not sure why it’s doing that… Sigh! I sent you a message via Pinterest. with the label image. 🙂

  • I adore Tawny Port and am quite sure I’ve tried the Croft brand, as the bottle looks mighty familiar. Have a wonderful Christmas, Susan. Cheers!

    • It a great choice when you’re looking for a nice tawny port Doreen. I do like the fact that is goes very nicely with chocolate. 😀

  • I do like a nice port with coke

    • I’ve not try it with Coke. I’ll need to do that Jo-Anne. 🙂

  • Although I don’t drink port very often, I do enjoy it with a nice cheese tray. I don’t know if I’ve ever had Croft Tawny Port, but I will remember the name and look for it.

    • It is such a nice thing to have when you want something a bit different Donna. It does goes well with a cheese tray and don’t forget the chocolate… yum. 🙂

  • Croft Tawny Port sounds yummy. I haven’t been drinking alcohol of any kind very much lately but the next time I get a hankering for good wine, I will try it with some cheese.

    • It is a very nice port for the price Michelle. This would be a good one when you do get the bit of craving. 🙂

  • Rose Griffith

    I’ve often wanted to try a good port, but with a few failed purchases in my past, I got shy about given it a whirl. Thanks for the tip on this one. A trip to Portugal makes it sound even better!

    • Hi Rose. I have done the very same thing… until I was introduced to great ones and I was hooked form then on. I do think you’ll enjoy this one. 🙂