• Julie

    I loved how you started your story. Blogging isn’t as easy as it first sounds. Thanks for sharing. 😉

  • Elizabeth Sott

    Susan – you are such an inspiration to so many people and you have touched so many lives with your blog. I love reading your stories and especially the artwork. You can see your passion and your enjoyment in your words.

    • Thank you so much Elizabeth. You have always been there for me and continually support me in all ways. even when some of thoughts are little harebrained… LOL.

  • You rock Susan! It’s so awesome to see how far we’ve both come, and I can’t wait to see what else you accomplish with the site. It definitely is a test of persistence and dedication… let’s keep swimming upstream!

    • AW Dan, You Rock!!! We have been on this journey together and it has been fun to watch you grow. I can’t thank you enough for your friendship and support. Bloggers rule. 🙂

  • Jon Jefferson

    I am with you completely on all of this. It seems we have started a journey around the same time. Although I had been writing 10th Day Brewing for a few years before February of 2012, it wasn’t until then that I actively started writing the blog. This was when I devoted myself to actively building the platform. It still isn’t as big as I want it to be but it is growing (I am read more around the world than I think I am in my own state, go figure). It has also led to so much more.
    Everyday is a new day to begin again.

    • I know you’re on your way to great success Jon, and thank you. Your passion and lightheartedness shines through everything you write. 🙂

  • This is a great story and so inspiring. I know exactly how you felt as I am about there now !! See you tonight.

    • Thanks Merle, Blogging isn’t for the faint-of-heart is it! 🙂

  • Michelle G

    Well done on your first year, here’s to many more 🙂

    • Thank you so much Michelle G., and that is my hope. 🙂

  • So proud of you Susan!

    • Thank you Bethany, We are way overdue a luncheon date. 🙂

  • Jonathan Milligan

    So Awesome to hear about your journey. Takes awhile to build a solid foundation, but keep at it! It is like those old hand-pumping wells. Takes awhile to get the water to rise to the top, but once you do you can ease up on the handle and keep the water flowing.

    • Hi Jonathan, Thanks coach. I will heed the lessons you’ve taught me and will continue to grow with your help. Thank you for everything. 🙂

  • Melissa Reyes

    Very nice, Susan! I am so glad to know you! I am jealous of your 250+ subscribers in one year! That takes work and you set a good example of sticking with it! Happy Blogiversary!!

    • Ah, and I you Melissa, You are so kind to say so and my wish for you is the very best of success in your coming year my friend. 🙂

  • Oh wow! I didn’t know that you had started around the same time as myself! So happy you didn’t give up… Where would we all be with out you!?

    • Hey Claire. Isn’t that the coolest discovery. We are kindred spirits in more way then one. Where would I be without you, that is the best questions. 3>, 🙂

  • A.K. Andrew

    Very inspiring post Susan and I’m so pleased you’ve had such success in your first year of what has clearly been a ton of work. I truly admire your diligence. I hope the coming year is as positive for you. Ill try & catch up with you but I think it’ll be a while! The online community of bloggers some of whom we share have been my biggest support.what a great group to have met. Hopefully we can meet in person once I’m back in NoCal 🙂

    • Hi A.K. I am so excited that you will be coming SF in the coming year. It will awesome to actually meet you face to face. I couldn’t agree with you more. Our blogger friends are truly an amazing lot and one I am so grateful to be a part. 🙂

  • I guess to me you are very successful! I see you responding to what I write or post, which certainly makes me feel good. I’m guessing you do that for others as well. The question is how does one define success … I blog in large part because I enjoy doing so. I love your creativity and your friendliness, so it’s fun to make the connection.

    • Success is defined by so many factors, isn’t it Leora? Mine has always been how I can engage with my readers. You have always been such an inspiration for me and you have been such a great support to me. Thank you for that. 🙂

  • Your provide a great example on many fronts. Your blog shows a lot of hard work, and it also shows your love and understanding of many things. The way you remain positive and encouraging will certainly keep all of your readers coming back for more.

    • Hi Jeri, Thank you so much, your words mean so much to me. I so look forward to our current and future work together. 🙂

  • Johnny Crosskey

    Congrats on blogging for a year. It says a lot that you can push through doubts and stay focused on your main goal. You should be proud. This is great advice and a great story as well. I think we all feel like we are “swimming up stream” but when we realize that it’s a journey, not a race against others and that mistakes will be made, we get a lot further.

    • Thanks Johnny, How right you are and thank you for your very kind words. 🙂

  • Congratulations on your first year Susan and I for one have enjoyed your stories. The one question I asked myself when I first started was what was the point of providing content. The answer gave focus and was pretty simple. Looking forward to the next year of your stories.

    • Hi Susan, That is a great focusing tool and one that I will keep in mind this coming year. I have been very fortunate to have met you through the blogosphere and so look forward to actually meeting in person someday. You have always been there to support and cheer me on and for that I am eternally grateful. 🙂

  • You’ve done a great job over the course of the year and have grown in many ways I can only dream of… I’m proud to have been there in the beginning!

    • Hi SD, you were there to inspire me when I wasn’t sure what to do. I will always be grateful my friend. 🙂

  • Pat Ruppel

    Wonderful story Susan and congratulations on all your success. You’ve certainly worked hard for it. I like some of your promotional ideas (i.e. interviews, guest posts and give-aways). I don’t have a coach but I can see where that would also be helpful. I’ll need to think about these and how I could use something like this for my own site.

    I’ve been working on traffic and visibility myself and can relate when you mention you questioning yourself and the value you give. It truly is a process and I’m glad you persevered as you have a great site with many interesting stories. I particularly like your art and graphics. You’re genuine in how you put yourself out there and I feel like I know you as if you’re one of my neighbors.

    • Hi Pat, It is just that, a journey and one that has its set backs and pitfalls, that’s for sure. Your support is part of the reason I have preserved. I am so grateful you are there to cheer me on. It pleases me that this story offers you some insight and can help you with your own journey. I wish you continued success my friend.

      • Pat Ruppel

        Thank you Susan and I appreciate the support you’ve given me as well. (Sorry, so late — catching up with my reading) It is a journey that’s for sure and I can see you love it too!
        I enjoy your fresh energy and all the new ideas you come up with on content — and so proud you’ve put your book out there. Wow! You should be proud — you’ve accomplished alot! 🙂

        • Ah, you are the kindest person. Thank you so much. 🙂

  • Oh my… where to start. You my dear friend have been my inspiration in this blogging world. We began at similar times and have gone through pretty much the same experiences. You are a huge success whether you realize it or not. Your success will continue to grow as you touch more and more people with your gifts you present through this blog. I am so honored to call you ‘friend’. 🙂 Congratulations on your first year! I am excited to walk with you through the next year.

    • Aw Cheryl, My dear friend. We have worked together, cried together, doubted together and still we managed to preserver. It has been a true pleasure to have journeyed this year with you and we even managed to create a book, WOW! Lastly thank you for being there during the dark times and showing me the light. 🙂

  • Joanne Le’Febour

    Thank you for sharing your first year of blogging as I find it very inspirational. As you know, I am just embarking on my blogging path so was good to hear that you also started with only a few subscribers. I feel so honoured that I manage to meet with you on our weekly hangouts as I learn so much from your experience.

    • Hi Joanne, You humble me. It pleases me so that I am able to offer help in some small way. I know you’ll find your niche and the success your desire. 🙂

  • Jamie

    Happy Blogoversary!! The first year is fun to look back upon and reflect on. You are a favorite among many and look forward to see where you go next =)

    • Thanks Jamie, It really is, isn’t’ it? Your thoughts mean a great deal to me, so thank you again my friend. 🙂

  • Jeannette Paladino

    Susan — I’m really quite amazed at your success at blogging for only one year. You joined our LinkedIn Group and dove right in to participate and you never flagged in your support of other bloggers. Many join but they fade away. Your posts are so interesting and your illustrations are fabulous so I’m not surprised that you are doing so well. You’re doing all the right things. What we shouldn’t do as bloggers is constantly compare ourselves to others. Define what success is for you and then stick to that. There is always someone else who will have more subscribers, more readers, more buyers…….I have stopped letting Google Analytics define me. It was very liberating.

    • Hi Jeannette. When we look at ourselves we see only what we lack. What others see is quite different. You have been such a great support and inspiration for me throughout the time I have known you. That is reflected so well in your words. Thank you for that and more. 🙂

  • Crack You Whip

    You are doing amazing for one year! One of my favorite blogs!

    • Hey there friend, Thank you SOOO much. I am so please I am one of your favorites. 🙂

  • Only a year seems longer………………..lol I love your blog and come to visit as often as I can………….

    • Hi Jo-Anne, It did fly by, didn’t it? However, there were times it felt like an enternity… LOL. I love that you love my blog. :)))

  • Jennifer Willey

    What inspirational words to a newer blogger like myself. Congratulations on your success. Happy Blogaversary!

    • Hi Jennifer, You made my day. That was my hope and it looks like I may have given you some insight and help to keep blogging towards your goal… YEAH!

  • I’ve seen you leading the way on several fronts of blogging including your fabulous contests. Terrific Susan. Congratulations.

    • Hi Pat, We have journey together, you and I. It has been fun watching you grow as well. I’ve always learn so much from you, so it please me that you say the same for me. 🙂

  • You are always amazing Susan. You rock girl!!!

    • Hey there Bindu (knitter extraordinaire). Thank you. BTW: I just order something from you store. WOO! HOO!

  • MK Slagel

    What a well written article! Congratulations on your success. When I started reading this post I was intrigued by where you were taking me and soon I found myself half way thru when I had to pull back and realize I was zipping through it, the words stringing together so nicely and the thoughts transitioning so smoothly I had got sucked right in. You are an inspiration.

    • Hi MK, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am very humbled by your very kind words. :-)))

  • Kelly Wade

    It’s important to accept that there will be doubts in our minds about almost anything we do. Am I doing this right? Is it all going to be worth it? Its especially hard when you’re starting out, but I love your attitude about ‘swimming upstream’ and the fact that you did persevere, and all with positivity and drive. Congrats on exceeding your goals in your first year!

    • Hi Kelly, Thanks and the feeling is mutual.. Your own positivity shires through all that write making fun for your readers. Next year will be a different challenge, one I believe I’m ready for. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  • Catarina Alexon

    You have done a great job Susan and have achieved a lot in one year. Congratulations and I’m certain you will keep up the good work:-)

    • Hi Catarina, Thanks for kind words my friend. I’m sure next year will just as much an adventure as the last but with more knowledge going into it. 🙂

  • Morgan@Eat Right Newsletter

    Inspiring post! Congratulations on your one year anniversary, I’m sure you will accomplish much more in the years to come!

  • Doreen Pendgracs

    Congrats on making it thru the 1st year as a blogger, Susan. I think you’ve done an excellent job in making connections, nurturing relationships, attempting new challenges and touching your readers thru your words and your delightful illustrations. Keep up the excellent work!

    • HI Doreen, Thanks and thank you for always encouraging me. You have been such an inspiration to me and I have loved getting to know you. I very much look forward to meeting with you face to face in the near future. 🙂

  • Hi Morgan, Thanks and thank you for stopping by. I so appreciate your kind words. One thing is for sure, next year will as much of an adventure as the last… LOL

  • Adrienne Jones

    Accepting that doubts will exist while not letting them get in the way of your goals is good advice. That’s another thing I’ve been working on! Congratulations on all your blog success, I’m sure there’s much more to come 🙂

    • Hi Adrienne, Thanks so much my friend. That isn’t alway easy to do but it sure makes life easier when you can. 🙂

  • Alison at Diamond-Cut Life

    Susan, I really needed to read this, as a blogger of five years who (like all of us) would like more readers. Thank you so much, both for this post and for visiting Diamond-Cut Life so that I could find out about you.

    • Hi Alison, I am so happy you stopped by. We bloggers are a lonely lot at times. It is always good to connect with others who have a passion for what they write about, such as you. 🙂

  • Alison at Diamond-Cut Life

    Oh, and now you have 281 subscribers.

    • Hi Alison, That is so cool and thank you. :-)))

  • DC

    Hi Susan, congratulations on completing a year of blogging. It’s such a coincidence that I started a year ago too! I would love to reach out to more people but I haven’t really made any effort to increase my readership. So thank you for this post. DC@punctuatelife.com

    • Hi DC, Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 It must be a popular time to start a blog right after the holidays. I would encourage you to reach out to more people. You will find some amazing new friends that way. 🙂

  • stephanie

    It’s all great advice. I particularly will keep #’s 2, 4, and 8 in mind as I’m on my blogging journey with big goals that will require more time in the day than a “writer with a full time job” often has.

    • Hi Stephanie, It pleases me that you found value in what I had to say. Alas, we all struggle with that. The only thing I can say is, take in little steps and you will be amazed what you can accomplish. 🙂

  • Debra

    This is so insightful. Your a natural and I learn so much from you. Thank you.

    • Aw… Debra, Thank you for your support, friendship and very kind words. 🙂

  • Grace

    Susan, I always enjoy reading your blog. You are full of good insights and you are an inspiration! Happy birthday to your blog!

  • You could have written this on my behalf.
    The journey seems to be similar across the world. I have yet to hear a story that is not similar or the same as yours.
    Keep on going – I for one enjoy your blogs and appreciate so much your loyalty to my blog too 🙂

    • Aw… Rebecca, That goes without saying and the feeling is very mutual my friend. 🙂

  • Your success story is very inspiring not only for blogging, but in many aspects of life. Thank you for sharing it with us, Susan, and keep on doing such a great job! 🙂

    • Hi Laura, Thank you. Success never comes easy on any level does it. I would say the very same for you. 🙂

  • wendy mccance

    I am so very happy for you. You have an incredible amount of talent and I think you will see some even more success. It’s been great following you and seeing all that you have accomplished so far (like the book). You have been an enormous inspiration to me. Thanks for being the wonderful person that you are. 🙂

    • Hi Wendy, Aw… as you have been for me. I love following you as well and for the very same reason. 🙂

  • Jacs Henderson

    It’s been quite a journey Susan! Lovely to hear the ups, downs, and round the bends – and it is a journey I can identify with – in fact I’m sure everyone can see it looking back. Blogging is many things to many people but the best reflect the experiences and tips of the author, and yours certainly does that. It is a pleasure to read and view your pictures – so,all in all I’d say a Fabulous Year Susan and it’s been a pleasure to be part of your journey

    • Hi Jacs. All journeys have there ups and downs, don’t they? The best part of any journey is the learning and the friends we make along the way. I love that you have become a part of it. 🙂

  • Angus McEwan

    Susan I enjoyed reading more about you and the journey of your blog. You have achieved so much in a year! Well done. Angus

    • Hi Angus, Thank you and thanks for being a part of it all. 🙂

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  • Wow….I’m SOOOOO glad I found THIS post. I think it’s something that I needed to hear (read?) right when I needed it. I haven’t really been blogging for all that long (about four months now) but I was STILL feeling like I should be much farther along than I am….nice to know that that’s the norm and not the exception!

    • Hi Ty, I know what you mean. There were times that I needed the same message. My coach was the one who kept me centered and focus through the trying wondering times. I am so glad that this has or is helping you in some small measure. 🙂

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  • Susan you are a gem! Appreciated reading your journey of your first year as a blogger. We can all learn something from our trials, triumphs and comradery of fellow bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Heather and welcome. Thanks you. That we do. It has an amazing journey and I suspect it will continue to be so for some time to come. 🙂

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