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As you know, I use Disqus as my commenting platform.  Because of this I’ve been asked by a number of people how to set up Disqus for commenting on my blog and others.  As a result of the many questions I’ve received, I thought it would be a good idea to do a simple Disqus plugin tutorial.  Below is an explanation, with screenshots, to show anyone who visits my website what to do.

Disqus Commenting Plugin Tutorial

So let’s begin. First you need to set up an account with Disqus. You can do that on their website, or when you leave a comment on my blog. It’s free. Once you’ve done that, we’re all set to go.

Disqus Plugin Tutorial, findingourwaynow.com
Disqus Comment Box and Details

Below is the screenshot of how to set up your account to show your website when you comment on my blog.

Disqus Plugin Tutorial, findingourwaynow.com

This is what you do to show your Avatar (picture) of choice (instead of the default picture) when you post a comment.

Disqus Plugin Tutorial, findingourwaynow.com

The screenshot below is what you do to get  notifications of any replies on any comments you make.  If you desire, Disqus will send you a digest of comments.

Disqus Plugin Tutorial, findingourwaynow.com

That’s all there is to it.  You can use this same account/avatar on any website that uses the Disqus commenting plugin.

Below is what a person will see when they click on your avatar. With these above steps, this would not be visible for another commenter.

Disqus Plugin Tutorial, findingourwaynow.com
Commenter view

I hope you’ve found this helpful.  Once your account and avatar is set up it will allow you to use this on any website or blog that has the Disqus commenting plugin.  There are other things you can set up such as follow Disqus members, star the discussion, to name just a few.  So take a little to see what else it can do.

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  1. while commenting in one of your recent post I saw DISQUS for the first time. And then after some research in google, I have enabled it in my site too! Thank you 🙂

  2. Pat Ruppel

    I have a Disqus account but haven’t enabled it to my site because it replaces the regular WordPress comment capability. But, it’s all good as I can see it in my emails. I just have to choose another way to log in here to comment (Google).

    1. Hi Pat, If you set up a Disqus commenting account, you can use that login whenever you see Disqus. Whether you use it as your commenting system or not is entirely a personal choice. 🙂

      1. Pat Ruppel

        Not quite sure what you mean, Susan. I thought I had and it seemed to replace my regular WordPress comments. ???

  3. There is Estela. Just look in the comment area of a blog, scroll done to the bottom of the comment as you’ll see a Disqus logo.

    1. ay Susan, I mean if there is a way to do a search on Google for a list of sites that use Disqus

      1. That is a good question. I really don’t know if there is a way. You might ask Disqus.

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