• This reminded me of all the homemade rolls my mother used to make. I’ve made mostly white ones with her recipes although they never turn out quite as good as Mom’s. I might have to give this recipe a try some day. Canadian and U.S. flours are a little different. There is more gluten in Canadian flour. While that doesn’t affect many recipes, it does affect bread and pastry recipes.

  • Catarina Alexon

    Makes me crave rolls. What a pity that wheat has a detrimental effect on the thyroid gland. Yesterday made an exception and had wholewheat bread at university. So now it will have to wait in order to avoid problems…Sigh..

  • Nice, I like freshly baked rolls

  • Something I’ve never made. Thanks for the recipe. Looks to be worth a try.

  • Your recipe is very timely for me, Susan. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with starting with a really good whole-wheat flour. I ate a homemade roll the other day and wondered why it was so good. I have no doubt that the baker used a high quality flour to produce a top quality end product.

  • I love a good yeasty dinner roll with butter all over it! And even better when it has whole wheat in it. Thanks for filling in the gaps for us. I pinned your collage (I love those!).

  • Rose Mary Griffith

    I’ve always wanted to make homemade hamburger rolls, so may give these a shot for our first spring picnic. I like the idea of the honey in them and adjusting the sweetness. As always, great instructions.

  • Not only a good recipe but so much healthier than using white flour. I love whole wheat and it tastes so much better than processed flour. You have such patience to take all those pictures, too. There’s a hard-bound recipe book lurking in your future!

  • Rolls are divine, and it’s good to see a recipe for whole wheat ones. I’m gradually making the shift from white flour to whole wheat.

  • I love rolls but sadly, it’s one of the things I have to watch in my diet. It looks delicious though. Last Thanksgiving I made rolls from scratch for my brother’s family and my family. Everyone loved them and they were gone in one sitting. Good for me because they weren’t around for me to be tempted the next day. =)