• Thanks for this simple recipe, Susan. I love Creme Freche, but had no idea it was simply a blend of whipping cream and buttermilk! Just a note that your second photo isn’t loading for me. Cheers!

  • Karen Yencich

    Cool! Just another way to get more cream in your diet!

  • I had no idea this was what creme fraiche was made of. Just as well dairy doesn’t suit me:-)

  • I like the idea of the herbed cream sauce 🙂

  • Catarina Alexon

    Susan, you constantly amaze me. The thought of making my own creme fraíche never even occured to me. And here you are having done it. Chapeau!

  • This is amazing just like you

  • I would never have thought making Crème Fraiche could be this simple. Thanks.

  • Rose Mary Griffith

    I particularly like the idea of serving this with salmon. It’s something I admire in restaurants, but always think it’s too hard to concoct. And then there’s you! Making the steps simple. Yum.

  • I just had some of this on my pizza tonight and it was so good. I never would have imagined how easy it is to make!