• My friend who lives on a ranch recently acquired a milk cow to help feed some of the calves who lost their mothers out on the range during this harsh winter. She said she’s been thinking about making butter again. Her mom used to make it out on the sheep ranch she grew up on. As with all things, there are so many methods to try, so maybe this post will give her some ideas of how to try a different approach than her mother.

  • I never made butter before. That interesting. I didn’t realize that you use cream. Thanks for sharing.

  • My mum used to churn butter when she was a child, she grew up in a small country town I found this interesting

  • Rose Mary Griffith

    I’m a country kid and never knew making butter was this easy! Cool. In a side note, my brother-in-law (craftsman) made a wooden butter churns. I wonder if he ever made butter in them…

  • I think it would be fun to try making my own butter. How does the taste compare to butter bought in the store?

  • Honest to heaven, Susan, I didn’t know that’s how butter is made. Dumbbbbbb. Squeezing the butter reminds me of the days when (at least in New York state) margarine came in a white cube with a red button in the middle and you had to break the button and knead the margarine until it became yellow. Now what made me think of that?!

  • I grew up with an antique butter churn in our kitchen, but I never once got to use it. That’s OK, this way looks a lot easier. And it doesn’t get any fresher!