• Karen Yencich

    Waist not, want not. And here I thought I was going to lay off the sweets after the holidays!

  • This look great. Never mind using leftover chocolate. I may want to melt chocolate especially for this.

  • Looks nice and yummy and something I would l like

  • Super idea, Susan. The fancy chocolate shops call these mendiants and they are super delish.

  • This looks super easy. It’s amazing what we can do with leftovers, right? My favorite recipes are the ones I do with leftovers. There is such satisfaction in creating something that would have been thrown away. =)

  • No chocolate left behind! This is such a cute way to make those leftovers fancy again.

  • Rose Mary Griffith

    Sure love the simplicity of this…now if I could just get myself to making the original chocolate recipes. Melting chocolate intimidates me. Can you say: Get over it, RM? 🙂