• This looks like another good rice pudding recipe. We don’t often have a lot of leftover rice, but it would be easy enough to make extra one night for dinner and use it the next day in this recipe.

  • Being an impatient cook, I like the idea of a quicker rice pudding recipe as opposed to the slow cooker one 😉

  • Rose Mary Griffith

    Hm, I love the idea of adding figs and dates to this great recipe. Thanks for the speedy version. I’m digging the instant pot!

  • Sounds nice

  • Love the idea of an easy rice pudding recipe. Thanks,Susan.

  • This looks delicious, as always! Can I put in a request for a tapioca pudding recipe?

  • Thx for the recipe, Susan. My husband loves rice pudding and I will bookmark this for future use.