• Pot pies are up there when it comes to my favorite comfort foods. I haven’t made homemade ones in years, but this post makes it look worth doing again. Yum!

  • These look like something Tim would like

  • Susan, I’m printing this recipe. I love beef pot pies so will be using the beef substitution. I decided I would make up different quiche this year for our family Christmas on boxing day. Think I’ll add half a dozen of these. Could you let me know if I could make these ahead and freeze them?

  • My husband Charles loved chicken pot pie. Not always easy to find in restaurants any more. But a nearby restaurant did have it as a regular item on their menu and when we ate there he inevitably ordered one. I’ve never made one but your recipe is tempting. I’d have to buy the pie crusts as I’m hopeless when it comes to making them myself.

  • Yum. I love chicken pot pies and maybe this will spur me on to make one. I like the look of the easy version!

  • I’m going to try this recipe with turkey! Thanks for sharing. It looks yummy.

  • Rose Mary Griffith

    Ah, you brought me great childhood memories for me, too. We thought chicken pot pies were an exotic treat! Mom wasn’t much of an experimental cook, but she was a heck of a baker. So, yes, these we got from Swanson’s. 🙂

    I don’t eat poultry anymore, but I can see following this recipe and stuffing the pies full of stout vegetables. As always, I sure appreciate your step by step directions…speaking of not being a cook. Ha, just realized how much I’ve followed after my mom. Thanks for that.

  • These look wonderful, Susan. Fussier than I would want to make, but I’m I’d enjoy eating your chicken pot pies.

  • Thanks Susan – I may use the spice selection from my beef croquettes. Looking forward to making (and tasting) these.

  • These look delicious. I love having chicken or turkey pot pies made from leftovers of turkey or chicken dinners. I am going to try your recipe next time.

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    These look amazing. I’ve tried to make a homemade pot pie before but the filling was just lacking. I’ll have to try this one!

  • These look way better than those frozen ones (that I too loved as a kid)! I bet they’re lots healthier too, if you don’t count all that yummy pie crust. But that’s the best part!

  • I love chicken pot pies, but only if they’re really good. Most of the pre-made ones on the market are not. Printing out this recipe to give it a try.