• Jacqueline Gum

    Wow! This looks like a great general purpose recipe! So many uses!

  • Karen Yencich

    What a cool ingredient! I’d never heard of it, but I can think of loads of uses for this…

  • This is perfect timing! I just received a gallon of cider and was wondering what to do with it all. Definitely giving this a try.

  • I can imagine how yummy this boiled apple cider would be on pancakes and maybe even ice cream. In vinaigrettes and cocktails would be fabulous as well.

  • I never tried this before. I am a big fan of cider. It would be great to put on waffles around this time of year. Thanks for sharing.

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    I love tart sweet combinations. This sounds perfect for this time of year!

  • Susan — I’m not sure, but back in the day when I still skied (badly) we would come off the mountain at the end of the day and have hot cider. Is that the same as boiled cider? Maybe there is more than one variety.

  • Rose Mary Griffith

    Here’s another food surprise. You’d think a country gal like me would have grown up hearing about boiled cider, but this is a first. sounds like something my husband would devour.