• Jacqueline Gum

    Yummy! I have not seen of English Muffin Bread so it’s good to know that it seems reasonably easy to make.

  • Lovely recipe, Susan. Thx for sharing, as we love English muffins, so this would be a tasty alternative.

  • I haven’t had this in ages. My dad made it a couple of times, as a treat, and it sure was. I know what I’ll be making this weekend.

  • Catarina Alexon

    Used to love English Muffins when I lived in London. Look forward to trying out your Muffin toasting bread

  • Oh wow, I’ve never heard of such a thing. I’m not an all-the-time English muffin person, but there are times they do indeed hit the spot and a bread-sized piece would be excellent.

  • Yum! I’ve been looking forward to this recipe since I saw your Instagram post. There’s nothing like fresh bread in the morning. I like the idea of making it with whole wheat for a heartier breakfast.

  • Sounds nice

  • Debra Yearwood

    What neat idea. I have never heard of this, but would love to try it.

  • Susan, This looks wonderful! I can’t wait to try this once the seasons change. (I don’t use my oven in the summer.)

  • The loaf looks different from the English muffins I’m used to. Does it taste like Thomas English muffins (or equivalents)? Looks delicious in any case.

    • It has an english muffin taste but different from in the fact that it a loaf instead of a muffin. Id o think you’d like it Jeannette.

  • This looks so good. You brought back memories of my mom making bread when I was a kid and the aroma spreading through the entire house. The best is when we would eat the bread warm. Heavenly. =) Thanks for sharing. I will add this to my list.

  • RoseMary Griffith

    I didn’t have this on my recent UK trip, so I’m eager to give it a whirl. I’ll let you know how using gluten free flour works out–since the 1 to 1 flour is readily available these days, I’m having better luck with my recipes!

  • I am also a fan of English Muffins so I think I’d enjoy this. Never heard of it before.