• Jacqueline Gum

    I’ve never been one for sweet wines, but I do love raspberries! This sounds like a great one to experiment with!

  • I am not crazy about sweet wines, although once in a while they make a nice dessert treat. I love raspberries so this one might be worth a try. I like the idea of having it over ice cream.

  • I don’t gravitate toward sweet wines per say, but do get cravings. But now that you’ve mentioned pouring it on ice cream, I am pretty tempted to try it 😉

  • Susan — I’m having a dinner party next Saturday evening. Trader Joe’s is quite close by so I will see if they have it. A friend who is coming to the party gave me a Gingerbread mix from Mason Jar Cookie Company (do you know them) for Christmas. So I plan to make the cookies and will serve them with vanilla ice cream and this dessert wine.

  • I love raspberry flavoured dessert wines. I probably don’t have to tell you that it will pair very nicely with a deep dark chocolate cake! 🙂