• Jacqueline Gum

    Oh MY! I think this is the prettiest desert I have ever seen! Saving this so I can try it for company… it sounds deliscious too.

  • Those mini apple rose deserts are just beautiful! Isn’t there a special term used for preparing food in lifelike shapes? There must be, but it’s escaping me at the moment.

  • Susan,

    These mini apple rose desserts are just so beautiful! I just sent this link to my daughter-in-law because I know she will probably get this done by the end of the week. This is why I just love coming here. There is always something I can use or know someone who can use your amazing recipes. Thanks so much!


  • These sound delicious. And they are so pretty. I’m afraid my attempts would look less lovely, but you’ve given enough tips so maybe I could do it.

  • Brilliant! These are so pretty and I bet they taste great too. They’d be perfect to bring to a party!

    • They so fun to make Meredith. You would wow anyone you’d make them for for sure. ☺

  • I just made these recently from another bloggers recipe and they are tasty. I like your recipe better because you added cinnamon. Yum.