• Jacqueline Gum

    Great idea! Like you, I prefer tart flavor, but I’m amazed at these variations…they also exceptionally tasty! Especially the cranberry!

  • I made unsweetened applesauce in the slow cooker this fall with apples from a friend’s yard. It was delicious. I think the recipe I used was very similar to this. The variations with pear and blueberry sound wonderful – something to try next fall.

  • This sounds so tasty! I am glad you did not have sugar in your original recipe. Trying to avoid sugar in my diet (except for an occasional treat of dark chocolate). Since I am big slow cooker fan, I should try this.

  • Apples are SO versatile, and you’re def. making the most of them Susan. it was pretty much the only fruit we had growing up except for the rare strawberry as a huge treat in the summer.

  • That looks yummy. I never made apple sauce in the slow cooker before. I need to try this one. Thanks for indicating the other added fruit measurements. My kids will love that.

  • Apple blueberry sounds interesting. I eat an apple every day, but only have stints where I get a craving for apple sauce.

  • RoseMary Griffith

    Another fun idea. I have a small crock pot, which would make about the right size batch for me. Better than buying!