• This is one I’m going to make for Christmas – sounds so good and I love making homemade liqueurs of all kinds – much more fun. And I will be using the orange liqueur – the combination sounds delicious.

  • Jacqueline Gum

    I am a huge fan of cranberries plus this looks so pretty! Copied…

  • This one looks like one I’d like to try. It would be my first homemade liqueur.

  • Sounds delicious, Susan. Years ago when we entertained it was customary to retire to the living room after dinner and have a cordial. That practice seems to have disappeared. I don’t even keep cordials in my apartment any more. Now people sit around the dining room table, and one person/couple says she has to leave and that starts the exit for everyone. Do you find that people leave after dinner and don’t expect a cordial? Maybe your cranberry cordial will start the trend again!

  • Catarina Alexon

    What a great idea, Susan. I love cranberry juice and have to try this out when we can get fresh cranberries next autumn.

  • Bola

    I love Cranberry sauce and juice but would love to try Cranberry Orange cordial as well.

  • voiceof sudhnoti

    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this fruit.( Cranberry)