• Jacqueline Gum

    I still love my Hallmark store, though they do seem harder to find theses days. I have also found some great kids books there, and I do love to give kids books. Great recipe… and a wonderful gift!

    • I agree Jacqueline. The Hallmark stores are becoming harder to locate.

  • This certainly does bring back memories. We used to drink this as kids on our camping excursions. It was especially warming on those chilly rainy mornings. Thanks for the memories, Susan. I’ll bet you won’t guess what I’ll be passing around this year…;) Hugs!

  • We don’t have a Hallmark store near us, unfortunately because those gifts look lovely. Great recipe.

  • I know there used to be a Hallmark store in the Boise Mall as well as one on Broadway near the campus, but it’s been years since I paid attention. I’ll have to take note.

  • Hi Susan. Hallmark has indeed always been an important player in holiday planning, for cards, wraps and gifts. Love it!

  • First, in the words of Ronald Reagan, in a positive sense, “There you go again!” This video you made is awesome.

    We have just one Hallmark left where I live now. And I don’t even often head that way. I still do have one of their rewards cards because at this time of year, I do make the extra effort to go in one anywhere! Thanks Susan.

  • I don’t thing that there is a Hallmark store anywhere near where I live anymore. I know I recently set out to buy a condolence card and couldn’t even think of a place to go other than the grocery store. Not normally a tea drinker but I think I’d be happy to get the gift you described.

  • I bought two of the cutest singing snowmen in a Hallmark store quite a few years ago and out they come every Christmas. They sing and nod their heads and are so much fun.

  • I love homemade gifts. The hot spiced tea sounds great.

  • Susan, I did check out the Peanuts link and have to tell you – they are adorable. One of my sons was big into Peanuts when he was growing up and he just told me his 8 year old daughter has caught the bug.
    As for the recipe, you’re right – it’s exactly something I would enjoy (wait until you read my post next week – can’t wait for your reaction).
    Hugs to you.

  • Hi Susan,

    I love Hallmark. Last year, I bought bright pink Christmas wrapping paper with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck peeking out from colorful wreaths. Our granddaughter loved it. I have enough left to wrap her gifts again. (Well, some of them anyways.) Now that she’s 3, she should enjoy it even more.

    Thanks for the recipe. Last year, I made your cocoa for gifts and that was a hit and this should be too. I love your presentation!

  • It was fun. I loved that they were female Disney characters but not princesses. (Not that I have issues with princesses. I’ve already been informed that Barbie is on Ella’s Christmas list . . . along with a live horse!)

    What’s the third mix to go along with the cocoa and spiced tea?

  • Phoenicia

    A proper card shop with classy cards. No tack to be found here.

    What a great idea to make a hot spiced tea set. To be honest it would never cross my mind but there really is nothing like homemade food and cakes. People pay out to get the closest thing to homemade. I can smell the cinnamon and nutmeg now!

  • Ooh the spice tea sounds lovely, and what a great gift idea. Thank goodness we have a Hallmark shop right around the corner. Good reminder they have more than just cards. Good post Susan:-)

  • HB

    I feel very lucky to have a Hallmark store not far from where I live. I haven’t been in a while. This is a great reminder to go and do a little shopping.

  • Beth – http://EncoreWomen.com

    I love the idea of making the hot spice tea mix and giving it as holiday gifts. Drinks like that are so yummy and just perfect in the winter months.

  • William Rusho

    What a great recipe.
    Several years ago someone made me something similar, it was hot cocoa, I had left it in that mason jar for a long time before drinking it, because I did not want to destroy the way it looked.

  • Pat Ruppel

    I like these ideas, Susan. I’ve always loved Hallmark and watch their movies all the time. I love that you’re putting these ideas out there for people to make for gifts to their family and friends. 🙂

  • Know exactly what you mean about Hallmark. We have several wonderful gift shops here but I always end up gravitating back to good old Hallmark. And the tea sounds wonderful and I believe I may need to test this out myself first. 🙂

  • I like these gift ideas. I might use them for some of my family members.