• This has a flavor profile right up my alley, and I am especially looking forward to the candied pecans that are coming soon.

  • I’ve been waiting for THIS one my friend. As the recipe does not disappoint. I am printing it out and will get what is not on my shelves. Sadly, our refrigerator stopped working about 10 days ago. It was fine we we ordered a new one that we really really want. (maybe it knew and got annoyed after 15 years of service this very week?) Anyway, as soon as we get our new refrig, this recipe will be thoroughly enjoyed in our house! Who doesn’t like pumpkin flavor I want to know? And THIS is so easy as you promised. Happy Thanksgiving Susan.

    • LOL, I think your right Patrica, it knew and now you have a new fridge to enjoy. I agree, who doesn’t love pumpkin, especially at this time of year. Have fun with this recipe and enjoy your thanksgiving my friend.

  • Julie

    Yum, I’m making this for our Thanksgiving potluck. Thank so much for sharing.

  • This sounds totally yummy. On my to do list! Happy Thanksgiving Susan:-)

  • Jacqueline Gum

    This is absolutely brilliant! And beautiful! I love this alternative to pie, which can honestly seem too heavy after a Thanksgiving meal. Thanks for this!

  • Claire

    Mouthwatering! I might make this on Thursday in honour of Americans eating pumpkin pie across the pond!

  • I’m not a big pastry fan, as in the crust of pies, but I like the filling! Especially pumpkin. Thanks for this rendition Susan!

  • Thank you Susan for this wonderful recipe. I love the taste of pumpkin especially during this season. I think I’ll give this one a try. Happy Thanksgiving – Donna

  • Catarina Alexon

    Looks and sounds fantastic, Susan. Will try making it with the “pepparkakor” we eat for Christmas in Northern Europe.