• Jacqueline Gum

    Both of these wines sounds amazing! I love Malbecs, and who can resist a wine called The Boss! Love the story of the wooden bar. What a great idea in re-purposing. And I think that as a family enterprise, Turkovich Family wines has a winning proposition by adding cheese to the mix.

  • Haha, Jacqueline has taken the words right out of my mouth 😉 I’m definitely pinning these two selections and will keep an eye out for both.

  • Claire Cappetta

    The Malbec sounds amazing, brings back fond memories of Beef Bourguignon and Raclettes, oozing with cheese and salty salami’s in the French Alps.

  • The wines sound good and the Turkovich family story is interesting. But the thing I’m most impressed with is the bar they made out of a tree from their backyard.

    • I did enjoy my spending time at there tasting room. The bar is really quite beautiful. My images just don’t do it justice.