• Jacqueline Gum

    This sure looks and sounds like something anyone would say “WOW’ to! And I love how you’ve tied all these together so nicely!

  • This sounds like a totally fabulous pasta dish- and especially having read your post on homemade ricotta. I love pesto anyway, so two thumbs up on this combination:-)

  • Sounds like a great combo, especially when paired with Chardonnay. I’m set to make one more bit batch of pesto before the first freeze sets in.

  • I’ve been excited to see what you would make with that ricotta. This sounds delicious! You have a gift for combining recipes, sides, and wine. My mouth is watering. I look forward to the day when my “tasters” are not quite so picky and I can make fun meals like this all the time!

  • Jacs Henderson

    Yum yum Susan, that looks so delicious, I am printing the recipe out Right Now!! 😀
    ~ Jacs

  • Catarina Alexon

    Your ricotta pesto lemon pappardelle looks and sounds delicious, Susan. Have fresh basil so I should try it.

  • Rose M Griffith

    Susan, you keep making things I don’t like sound utterly delicious! I like lemon in water and that’s about it, but OOOOOHHHHH, does this sound good! And since I am currently visiting Seester and her Italian husband, what better dish to try than my favorite Pappardella!