• Jacqueline Gum

    All of these are adorable. My favorite is the caldron! Ha… I’d probably get half these eaten before they made it to a tray:) Sometimes that’s an issue with easy and fast:)

    • They were a blast to make Jacquie. I had more ideas, but I ran out of time. That means more for next year. 🙂

  • These are all great. Fun and easy. These would also be a great idea for an activity for kid’s or young teen’s Hallowe’en party.

    • I thought that too Donna. All that needs to done is stand back and watch the kids have fun. 🙂

  • These re wonderful. I shared this with my niece. She’s a young mom experiencing her first, “What do I make for my son’s pre-school Halloween party”?

    • Aw, thanks Pamela and thanks for sharing. I hope she enjoys making these with her kids ans much as I did coming up with the ideas. 🙂

  • WOW -these are amazing Susan – though I think our definitions of ‘quick” might be different:-) But their SO creative – you have such great ideas, plus a lot of patience. The cauldron is my fav. Great photos too BTW. Happy Halloween!

    • Thanks so much Kathy. The really are pretty easy. I timed one and it took me all but an hour from start to finish. Give them a whirl. just for fun. 🙂

  • Susan — these are fabulous. You are so creative. What fun. I don’t know that I have the patience to make these. My favorite is the Frankenstein cookie.

    • You are too kind Jeannette. They may look hard but believe me when I say the cam be out together in a flash. I did like the Frankenstein on too. 🙂

  • As always, these are just too cute 🙂 I especially love the little brownie bite baskets. It’s amazing what a little frosting can do.

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  • Rose M Griffith

    These are a riot. I love the ghost ones the best! Got to be sharing this one on FB for my mom-friends!

  • These are awesome Susan. I wish I had known about these when my children were small.

    • Thanks a bunch Sherryl and thanks for sharing. There are always potential grandkids the spoil with this. 😀

      • I know Susan. I don’t think I’ll be doing this with our 3-year old granddaughter this year. But, I’m open to ideas for Christmas cookies! 🙂

        • It would be a fun project Sherryl. I will do my best to come up with something cute, fun and easy for you to create with you granddaughter. 🙂

  • Pat Ruppel

    You are so clever, Susan. They all look so good — perfect for Halloween. Have a Great Pumpkin Day. 🙂

  • Wow, what a great assortment of treats! Those mummy cookies are too cute! I’m pinning all of them, in the hopes that I may get around to making one or two over the next couple of days. (In addition to making two costumes!)

  • Debra Yearwood

    I knew I could rely on you Susan to give me some fun ideas. 🙂

  • Catarina Alexon

    Love your creativity, Susan. They also look and sound delicious!

  • This is so creative. After seeing the picture of the ghost cookies, I couldn’t believe the base was just an everyday peanut butter cookie. Brilliant. And the brownie bite used as the base for a cauldron is so smart as well. I’m really impressed with all of the treats and how they take something so basic to make something so creative. Love it!

  • Pat Ruppel

    Halloween is pretty quiet in the mountains. No longer get the trick-or-treaters like we used to. Kids now go to school events or malls. Miss seeing them. 🙂