• HomeJobsbyMOM

    You had me at caramel sauce! These look yummy and so easy to make. I love mixing caramel and chocolate sauces. SO good on ice cream!

  • Jacqueline Gum

    My mouth is watering…as it always does ith your recipes. My favorite would be the fruit sauce, almost any fruit sauce, by the way:) And like you, I love them to the tart side. What great gifts Susan!

  • My vote goes for the caramel sauce. I’ve also been wanting to make sorbet to use up the frozen mango that’s in my freezer.

  • Susan — these are three recipes I intend to put in my recipe file. Question: can you use plastic containers? I know that might be difficult because the mixture is hot right from the stove. But can you let them cool first and then use plastic containers which are easier to store and less prone to break?

  • YUMMM, Susan! Those recipes are going straight into my folder for future use. Is the caramel sauce the same as a Leche cause? I used to by a terrific caramel-type leche sauce and can’t find it anymore. It sounds like it probably is the same thing, but I’m wondering if you know for sure?

  • Fantastic! Thx, Susan.

  • Oh yum! I’ll be trying these. That caramel looks delicious, and of course you can’t go wrong with chocolate! I use red chili powder in some of my chocolate recipes, so the cayenne makes sense.

  • These sauces look delicious. I remember my mother making homemade chocolate sauce for ice cream. They were SO good.

  • Andleeb Akhlaq Tahir

    All recipes of sauces are very easy with few ingredients. Will try some day soon.
    thank you for the recipe.

  • Rose M Griffith

    I love the Cayenne pepper in the chocolate and will be giving that one a whirl–and what a great idea for a Christmas gift. Last year I gave a couple of friends homemade braided bread and jam. This year your sauce and…ice cream? Apple pie. Hm…so many ideas!

  • Catarina Alexon

    Reading and looking at the pictures makes me crave ice cream with your sauces. Yummy!