• Nice idea! I just had steel cut oats this morning – I think I made it on Sunday, but I didn’t eat it all then. When I make it on the stove, it does make a mess. This would prevent that. I may gave this a try. Thank you, Susan!

  • Jacqueline Gum

    What a great idea! I especially like the oatmeal bar idea for guests. I have made it the night before, but this is way less trouble:)

  • I love oatmeal and usually have it for breakfast. I like Trader Joe’s quick cook steel cut oats, but it still takes some time in the morning. I like the idea of an oatmeal bar of guests. I will make this recipe next time I have breakfast guests.

    • Hi Donna, I’ve had TJ’s quick steel cut oats and they aren’t bad. When you make this from the old-fashioned kind it really is a great taste. The breakfast bar is so much fun for everyone.

  • So simple and brilliant! My daughter loves oatmeal, but I don’t feel great about giving her the instant kind, and there’s no way I’m going to have time to cook in the morning. Pinning and definitely going to try this.

  • Susan — I haven’t had oatmeal since I was a child and here’s why: my mother, who was otherwise a good cook, made horrible, lumpy oatmeal. She would make sit at the table for hours until I ate it. It was a test of wills. She would threaten me, “If you don’t eat that I’m going to pour it over your head.” One day, during a standoff, that’s just what she did! I remember running crying to my father who took one look at me with oatmeal running down my face and laughed. Ah, childhood memories and as far as I can tell the experience didn’t traumatize me for life.

    • Oh my goodness. What a picture and what a story. I can see why oatmeal would the very last thing you would want for breakfast Jeannette.

  • I love steel cut oatmeal. One of the restaurants I worked at back in the day made oatmeal in a similar fashion and guest always raved out it.

  • Susan, I eat oatmeal every day to lower cholesterol. It does make a difference! My husband makes it for me. Now with this recipe, it sue is a time saver in the morning. We only use steel cut organic oats so it does take a long time.

    Also great when having guests over…and I get a lot of that! For a person like me, who is not a morning person, this is a good fit! Thanks so much Susan!

  • First I would need a crock pot…

  • I really need to get a crockpot. I love the idea of food cooking while I sleep or doing other things. My kitchen is small so I’m not sure where I would put it, but I really want one now. Thank you for sharing.

  • Andleeb Akhlaq Tahir

    Its great to have oatmeal in morning. I will surely check crockpot.
    many kashmiri dishes are cooked over night on low heat but on wood fire in big pans.
    I think this is good waY to save our forests as well.
    My laptop is not working now a days and I am just busy on my instagram n FB.
    I hope the department will fix it soon and will see all of you again.

  • I love oatmeal and this sounds like such a great way to make it. I add ground almonds to mine – both are extremely good for lowering cholesterol. Having the oatmeal ready to go in the morning sounds just the thing. Thanks for this recipe Susan.

  • Catarina Alexon

    What a clever idea for oatmeal. Sounds and looks delicious.