• Susan, this wine was made for me! Ever since visiting the vineyards of Spain, I have loved Tempranillo. And being a Matchbook collector, the name caught my eye. Reading that this wine has chocolate notes, took me over the top! I will be sure to try it. Thx for the recommendation.

  • Julie

    WOW, that looks like an awesome place to visit. The wine sounds just as amazing. I’ll need to make a point to go there. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jacqueline Gum

    This looks like a great place to visit. And I love the name!! I’ve always loved Toasted Head, too…so these people obviously know how to make wine. Going on the list…which thanks to you is getting quite lengthy!

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    It’s a pretty winery. Looks like a nice place to relax and hang out with the hubby.

  • Great post! This winery looks wonderful. In Pennsylvania, we can’t buy wine online, it’s a state law. But, the state store may have it. I will need to try it out. Thanks for sharing.

  • I have to say I have never heard of this winery and I was born and raised in California. Unfortunately it is hard to get wine in New Jersey from small wineries. I did tell my sisters about the winery as they live in the Bay Area and go to the wine country often.

  • Beth – http://EncoreWomen.com

    I just love the combination of really tasty wines and a lovely location for wine tasting. What a fun place for a small celebration!

  • Phoenicia

    You seem to be a wine expert. I know very little in this area lol!

    The photographs are pretty – so much sunshine.

  • I don’t often drink red wine but I like Spanish rioja so I’d likely enjoy at least some of Matchbook’s wines.

  • Marquita Herald

    I love wines, and visiting wineries. In fact most people don’t realize we have a wonderful winery on the slopes of Mt. Haleakala right here in Maui! This looks like a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.