• Susan — easy for you to do! I’m just all thumbs when it comes to drawing anything. That’s why my grade school art teacher put me in the back of the classroom with the other kids who were hopeless while she worked with the kids who had some talent. Not nice, now that I look back.

    • Aw, I bet I could teach you some fun things to create Jeannette… if only we were closer. 🙂

  • Julie

    Gosh, these are too darn cute. I’ll need to check out this iDraw program.

    • Thanks so much Julie. I do hope you do, and let me know if you having any questions. :-)))

  • HB

    Hi, It’s been a while. I just stopped by to see what’s been going and WOW, you are rockin it girl.

    • It has been a while my freind. Thanks so much. I’m so glad you stopped by and BTW – YOU rock. 🙂

  • Jacqueline Gum

    These are adorable:) But I don’t have an Ipad:) Still, I always enjoy your drawings so it is good to see how you do some of them:)

  • How cute 🙂 I need to give iDraw some more attention in the coming months.

    • Thanks so much Jeri. Yes, you should. I know you’d have a lot of fun. ?

  • Wow, bloody great

  • Ah, sweet. I’m glad you are doing one of these tutorials again! Quite instructive.

    • Thanks Leora. I need to figure out to do more of them. Do you think simple images like this would a good idea? ?

  • Marquita Herald

    How very clever Susan! I don’t own an iPad but it’s always fun to learn new ways to be creative.

    • I love the creativity my iPad offers Marquita. If you ever decide to get one I think you’d love it as much as I do. ?

  • Very clever. I like the placement of the ladybug on the flower. I have an iPad but have used it for drawing.

    • Thanks Donna. You should give your iPad and this app a whirl. I think you have a great time with it. ?

  • Thanks for the explanation. I’ll have to give it a try.

  • Cheryl Therrien

    I love these demos! Makes a non-artistic person like me feel like I can create something as cute as this too!

    • Of course you can Cheryl. When you think about it, it’s just circles, triangle, lines and dots. ?

  • I owe you a whole bunch of pats on the back! I don’t have the chance to have a ‘me’ day often. When I get to glimpse at my favorite people and their blogs, I often don’t have the time to pop in and say way to go or thanks for the info, smiles and drink selections. So kudos to you for all you do and say! Hugs!

    • Aw, It so nice hearing from you and seeing you here on my blog. You have been on my mind of late my friend. Here is a Great BIG Hug just for you. ?

  • Jon Jefferson

    every little step leads to the final piece. It’s pretty cool how you can see through the whole process.

    • That is exactly the way it works too Jon and it’s fun to make an image come alive with simple things. ?

  • Hi Susan

    This is a cool series and I love how you draw the image. I will check the remaining series to follow up. Thanks for sharing.

    PS. I don’t use an Ipad so will look for the application that you are using.

    • Thanks Awazie. I Really do have fun creating this kind of image. It’s kind of like a puzzle. When the pieces are all together you have a fun image to show for it. ?