• Jacqueline Gum

    Wow! Love the pictures and the video too! These are mouth-watering:) I haven’t made crepes in many years but I used to make a ton of them and then freeze them. You are completely right…the freeze very well and you can whip up something special in no time!

  • I didn’t know it was so easy to make crepes, Susan. I love that you can make them in advance and freeze them. Inexpensive, too. Definitely on my list to make for my next dinner party.

  • Crepes always hit the spot for me, be they savory or sweet. I’ve only made them a couple of times, but they are always a must when I visit the farmers market.

  • Yum! I love crepes. And now I know how they are flipped. That special wood spatula is amazing.

  • I love crepes. My mother made these when I was a child, except she called them German pancakes. We ate them plain with syrup or fruit or with cottage cheese rolled inside them. I’ve been thinking about crepes lately so it is interesting that you should post this recipe now. I am saving it.

  • Cheryl Therrien

    These look absolutely fabulous! You should plan to make them at my next visit. Let me see now… how many of your scrumptious recipes am I going to be served during my visit? LOL

  • Those look great. I haven’t had any crepes in a long time.

  • Catarina Alexon

    Personally love crepes in all forms. For desert, starter or even main course. Great with a simple and easy to do recipe.

  • Jon Jefferson

    We used to make crepes at a diner I worked at. I would make flavored fillings for them and then a special sauce like strawberry cream or maple cream.

  • I’ve always thought crepes were too exotic and difficult for me to make, but you make it look possible. I like that crepe pan. Just what I need is another gadget in the kitchen!

  • When I read crepes, I was not sure, after checking the recipe I came to know that I am familiar with it. I make crepes every Saturday morning and my daughter simply love them. I try a lot of variations(I have tried almost all that you have mentioned) , at times add coconut or honey or go with sesame seeds or cumin seeds. I also shred carrots and cheese and add in it. At times I also beat eggs with coriander , salt, green chilies, half tea spoon of flour and pour the batter over crepe when we turn it from both sides once. Keep it on fire when egg cooks then turn it around. So it becomes little spicy kind of crepe. But to tell you what I never knew that name is crepes… We call it MANI. This is very famous in Kashmir and many people make it almost everyday in breakfast.

  • Crepes are also great if you are dealing with kids, especially a few of them. You can let each choose his or her own fillings. Like to do it when my son has friends over.