• Cheryl Therrien

    OMG Susan. You hit the nail on the head. You and I need to chat this week. No doubt about it…. See you soon my friend!

  • Hey Susan, I hear you on this one! So much of it is about perspective and most people would look at your life and consider it a dream one – sampling fine wine and foods, writing what you’re passionate about and controlling your own schedule… but of course, we know it’s not always that fun :). Keep up the great work, I haven’t been able to keep up much lately, but I love seeing your instagram posts!

  • Superb post, Susan, and one that I’m sure will help many to reflect on where they are at and the challenges they are facing. I live with someone who tends to stay in a negative headspace, and that makes it very hard for me to remain positive at times. In a way, it has been good or both of us, as I have learned to be stronger and more focused, and he has learned to see that determination and hard work CAN produced the desired results – despite numerous obstacles.

    Re #2, I wish I had time for more exercise, but that’s the one that often gets dropped from the list. But I do try and make time for things that are important for me, such as the Toastmasters conference coming up this weekend. And re #3, I keep a “Success Journal” to remind me and keep track of my achievements. This was a suggestion from an editor colleague and it is a good one. I am currently going thru a rebranding prices with a new designer and she has insisted I write a “Tribute” about my accomplishments. The Success Journal will be helpful for that.

  • Jacqueline Gum

    This resonates deeply for me. I feel stuck way too often these days! Who knew that this would plague me later in my life when my earlier life has been deemed successful. I wonder sometimes if this is just another getting older thing…the whole reevaluation thing and redefining what success means now as opposed to then! As to the exercise, I have learned to lob=ve my wirhgt training, but that only happened after I started seeing great results! LOL

  • Thanks so much for sharing this Susan. I think the first one is probably the most important. My favourite quote is Rose Kennedy -“Its’ not what happens to you in life that’s important, but how you deal with it”. You have come such a long way with your blog and other projects, but I think it’s easy to just keep pushing and pushing,when actually it’s time to consolidate and take stock. Looking after yourself is a really important one, and the one that most working people ignore. You have the freedom to choose what you do now, and perhaps being in the ‘A’ mode all the time as you once were is not actually the way to “succeed” in your second life. Believing in yourself is hard all the time. But don’t worry, when that is flagging for you, there are plenty of us here who still believe in you, and are your supporters:-)

  • Well at least I have the exercise part down! It can be hard to pick a path when so many possibilities are present. I know that’s been an issue I’ve deal with, but now that life has shuttled me into fewer choices, I’m finding getting focused comes easier. It’s great how you’re getting so much feedback and looking at your site’s traffic and what viewers most look for and interact with.

  • Have to say taking care of ourselves can be something we can drop the ball on well I know I can. I do have a pretty good attitude about life well I think I do

  • Hi Susan

    I love the 3 keys to success plus your experience with moving forward.

    I agree that Attitude is important to be successful. I was told that being assertive does have a lot of benefit especially when it comes to being successful.

    Spot on about taking care of yourself. This is something I too am trying to do. As for action, You really have achieved so much. As for me, I am making steady progress. Hope to achieve my goal soon.

    Thanks for sharing your three keys to success

  • Margaret Duarte

    Hi Susan. It’s hard to believe that you’re ever stuck in a negative place, but I guess no one is spared. Attitude, taking care of yourself, and action are wonderful keys. I’m a firm believer that thought creates things, so we have to be careful to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative. I take 3-mile walks when I feel a downer coming on. Yes, action works wonders. And taking care of yourself includes giving yourself daily treats, if only a cup of coffee or the time to read a good book. OR READ A GREAT BLOG such as yours. Let me also add one extra key: Take one step at a time. Sometimes the progress you are making isn’t at first visible, but happening in the background, behind the scenes, between the lines. I’ve been thinking about you concerning a new project I’m working on. Maybe we’ll meet for coffee one of these days, something we’ve put off for too long.

  • Your struggle in front of those people at the conference is exactly what I’m afraid of. I know that I have it in me to write a book, maybe more. I know that I have it in me to write a book that others will want to read. I’m doubting seriously if I have what it takes to promote the book(s) I write. Yes, attitude toward the task is everything. Unfortunately, getting passed the fear that blocks the way is a whole other matter.

  • Yes, I do feel stuck from time to time. And I often think I am the only one who goes through periods of self-doubt. How do I move out of a negative space? Not always the same answer, but exercise, reflection, giving myself credit for past successes and time away (rest, short vacation, doing something fun) help. Being stuck may not always be a bad thing – it can give us a chance to refocus and reaffirm our paths. I’m sure you will get past this and have continued success. Like you’ve said, you have the 3 keys in your hand.

  • Touching and inspiring. I love how you can take feelings of doubt, tell us story, bring in good ideas. I find lately I am more interesting in connecting with people who feel “real” – can’t really tell what that means, but it does mean putting energy into certain friends. I’m wondering if you were afraid that group of women would not be able to relate to your original presentation? Or maybe it was just about needing to time to think about some issues.

  • Thanks, Susan, for trusting us to share your vulnerability. We’ve all been in that lonely place. It’s only human. You can’t prevent negative thoughts from popping into your head. It’s how you manage them. You are so talented and accomplished — and smart. You will figure it out, I know. It’s so tough going through the rough patches. You begin to doubt yourself and compare yourself to others (unfavorably, of course). I admire you so much. Are you looking for perfection? Maybe you should follow the advice of one of my old bosses who used to say, “Let’s go for the 70% solution.” He meant let’s take some action. It won’t be perfect a first but it will be good enough and we can make it better. I wrote a post about this a while back that you may find helpful, “Death by Planning Too Much.” Here is the link if you’d like to read it. It may be helpful as you work your way out of your funk. http://bit.ly/1OIfC1v

  • Thanks for supporting us with a post like this Susan.

    1)Do you ever feel stuck? – Quite a bit lately actually. I feel in part it’s because I already have accomplished so much and a coach recently said something to me to considering, “coasting the rest of the way.” Maybe that is partly were you are Susdan? After all, how much success do we want to go for? Some of us never stop, others of us (like me) might slow down for a while. While in one sense what that coach said to me took the pressure OFF for more success, it’s got me pondering some bigger questions in life.

    2)What actions do you take to move yourself out of a negative space? – I have 3 main actions: exercise (which is still my number one favorite FREE thing to do), prayer, and meditation. On one side I’m letting those endorphins flow and on another, I’m turning things over to a higher power then myself while opening my self up to whatever might come along.

    3)What are your keys to success? – One of my keys is knowing what I value. This is like a guidepost to steering me to do THOSE things that are in line with that. Another one is gratitude. I actually find it to be true that the more I feel grateful about, the more there is to be grateful for. It’s kind of funny how it works. I’m sure I do have others but this “comment” is getting long!

    Thanks so much for the thought provoking post Susan.

  • In my opinion everyone goes through their ups and downs. I know I did for a while last year. I stayed persistent and took action. The actions didn’t always get the result that I wanted, but it helped me get there.

  • Debra Yearwood

    I read this earlier in the week, but didn’t have the opportunity to comment, but reading it made all the difference in the world to how I was feeling.

    I was definitely feeling stuck and was trying to figure out how I could get out of the morass. When I read this I actually giggled. You are the last person I would think of as getting stuck, you are such a positive person and a very focussed one. When I read the post it felt like relief, not because misery likes company, but more that it made the very human nature of feeling stuck evident and an acceptable part of growth.

    Rather than ponder the negative emotions, your post made me assess them and put them in perspective. I stopped bemoaning the moment and instead think about how I could realign, refocus and get back on track.

  • Jon Jefferson

    Changing things is a big one for me. I like to move into a new location when I find myself slowing down. Or changing the routine of when I make it into the “office.” Sometimes we can become so mired in our everyday thinking that we lose sight of where we want to take things.