• Jacqueline Gum

    I have never even heard of honey liquer! But this looks and sounds so delicious. It seems quite fitting for any chilly evening.

    • I hadn’t either Jacquie, but it is SO good. It really makes this cocktail/coffee. The Honey Simple syrups takes it over the top. 🙂

  • Rose M Griffith

    Susan, most of your recipes make me say, YUM, but ew to honey in coffee. i’m wondering if I am bold enough to give it a whirl! For now, I’m posting this on my Facebook page to see who of my sugar-in-coffee people will give it a try first!

    • Aw, you should give it a try. It’s easy and I do think you’d really enjoy it Rose. 🙂

  • Catarina Alexon

    Love Irish Coffee – and why not use honey? Have to try it.

    • Indeed, Why not. Have a good time with this one Catarina. 🙂

  • It does sound good, though I wonder why not just use honey and leave the alcohol to the whisky. Never mix , never worry, as the saying goes!!

    • Well now, that is a thought. but this is just too good ot pass up the mixing Kathy. ?

  • I don’t like coffee but I reckon my sister would love this

  • Cheryl Therrien

    Oh come on now… give me something like this without the alcohol. LOL

    • LOL… leave out the liqueur and add a bit of vanilla instead. it’s pretty good that way too. ?

  • MinaJoshi5409

    I have only drunk Irish Coffee after meals in restaurants and they didnot look as exciting as yours. I love the idea of topping it with whipped cream.

    • Oh, then you must make your own Mina. It will change your world… LOL. ?

  • I love Irish Coffee. This twist of the recipe looks good. I would assume that the coffee is stronger because there isn’t any cream.

    • It’s a fun version of Irish Coffe Glynis. You assume right regarding the strength of the coffee. Enjoy. ?

  • My love of everyday is a tasty cup of coffee. When I read coffee I rushed to know some new recipe but unfortunately I can not make this. Can there be any alternatives.
    Few days back I tried my coffee with nutella, I added a teaspoon of nutella in my coffee. It was my first experience of coffee with nutella… but the taste was great .

    • Hi Anna, You can make this without the alcohol for sure. I would add a bit of vanilla in the place of the alchcol then follow the recipe for everything else. ?

      • Andleeb Akhlaq Tahir

        That’s great then.. Thank you

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    Mmm sounds good! I’d love to try this. I just hate that I don’t have much in bar ingredients around the house and that every time I want to try something new it costs an arm and a leg 🙁

  • I was talking about honey in coffee with Melissa Reyes not too long ago! We should try this! =D

    • How cool is that! Have fun with this recipe Mary, and with Melissa. Tell her hi for me. ?

  • Looks very tasty.