• Your story about the excitement of horses and riding and then disappointment reminds me of my daughter’s version. She was about 10 years old, and she couldn’t wait to ride a horse. We tailored a whole day of our vacation in the Berkshires just she could have this experience. When she finally got on, she found it frightening. The instructor wasn’t very nice or calm with her. My husband and son went off on the trail (she was supposed to go, too!), and they weren’t nearly as interested. So she got to ride round and round in the fenced in area for about 15 minutes. And that was it. She has not expressed interest again.

    • It’s funny how these can go sometime. I can see that in my minds eye and I smiled a sad smile. I still love horses. but I have a much more realist view of where my interest lies. I’m sure your daughter has the same. ?

  • I love this story – I remember when in geography class we would see aerial photographs of the prairies and like you I imagined myself riding a horse like the wind with my hair wipping around. Well, when I was 18 a friend and I went camping over a holiday weekend. A group of young people from the church came around and we decided to go horseback riding. Well, my horse decided it wanted a dust bath – with me on it. Never knew i could move that fast and I just stood there and gaped as this horse was flouncing around, all four feet in the air. Sometimes getting what you dream of isn’t all you thought it would be, is it Susan.

    • LOL, I could just picture that Lenie. I agree with you what we envision doesn’t always match up to the reality. ?

  • It’s too bad your riding lessons didn’t go as well as hoped. It’s so important to be able to build that confidence in the beginning. My “horse tail” of learning to ride I’ve already shared it, but the more I think about it, the more I’m surprised I never got hurt since my friend taught me how to ride unsupervised by adults. Ahhh, those were the days! The horse figurines are great. Years ago when l still lived in an apartment I found the Black Stallion and Black Beauty sets of Breyer horses on eBay and bought them. Every time I look at them I re-live fond childhood memories.

    • Hi Jeri, I know we can’t rewind the past, but I have often wondered what you have happened if the experience had gone the other way. The class was a whole semester. That course was never offered again. I think it had to do with the stables and the instructors. Sigh! ?

  • Cheryl Therrien

    Sometimes the ‘dream’ turns out to be different than we imagined. Sometimes the ‘different’ can be better than the ‘dream’. Nice collection!

    • I do like you way you think Cheryl. I couldn’t agree with you more. Hugs. ?

  • Jacqueline Gum

    Oh I am so sorry that our riding lessons didn’t go well! Like you, I always wanted a horse but never had one. Instead, my grandfather helped me up on the back of a big old work horse on the farm…no saddle, only a bridle. I still have very fond memories of Abner!

    • Hi Jacquie. How sweet. I only wish I had a kindly horse. I know they exist. But alas not for me in that class. ?

  • Susan — I can relate. I’ve ridden a horse exactly twice. The first time the stable owner gave me about 5 minutes of instruction and off I went. Or I should say we got about half way through the course and the horse knew he had an amateur on his back so he stopped short and began eating grass. I could not move him. At the end of the hour I saw the owner running towards me. “You’ve got to get back!” he said. Believe me, I wanted to. The next time, it was on vacation in New England. We had a short ride and as soon as the horse saw the barn he bolted for it. I thought my head would get cut off but the instructor raced up and grabbed the reins. That ended my horse-riding days!

    • LOL, I can just envision that Jeannette. What a trip both of those experience must have been. Things like that, makes me realize just how much I love my current horse for a whole lot of reasons… LOL. ?

  • Awww, this story makes your horses even more meaningful! Now I know why you added this family to your home 🙂

    • Someone had asked me about the story behind my horse interest. They were the ones who suggested I post it. I’m glad you enjoyed it. ?

  • We often get what we want but not as expected. I love this story Susan. We had part ownership of a horse when we lived in Turkey. That’s when I learned I had so many allergies – and a good excuse why I couldn’t clean the stalls. At least you don’t have that kind of cleaning with the horses you have now.

    • How true that is Patricia. I agree, they are a whole lot less muss and fuss… LOL. ?

  • Jon Jefferson

    I have still never been on horseback. At some point I might have to do that.

    • Good luck with that Jon. make sure the stable is a riding not a boarding stable. You will have a much better time… trust me on that one. ?

  • Rose M Griffith

    I learned the hard way that horses, for me, were much better admired from a distance or in stone. At 17 it was 9 stitches on my arm, a fractured skull and concussion. At 31 it was 8 stitches and a scar above my right eye. There were a few other mishaps in there–I am stubborn. But the horses have won! Thanks for a nice story about alternatives ways to enjoy what we want!