• Hello Susan
    Believe me after reading this I want to cry. Everyday comes with a misery, sadness and brings the news that shake us.
    If we see around then it seems that everybody is thirsty for others blood. We are blaming, killing, hurting each other on the name of religion, nationality etc.
    I love your poem and every heart have such feelings. We all shed tears everyday. But I think that still we must hope for peace, we must pray for peace, we must try for peace. This is all we can do and above all our Creator is the one who can fix everything but you know, we have done so much that may be He may not forgive us but still I am hopeful and I know that His blessings are more than anything, we must ask for it.
    Oh God! Please open the doors of peace and prosperity and harmony to world.

    • Hi Anna, I pray every day for that very thing. What a waste of life and energy for everyone. Then when I watch us destroy our environments which we must have to live on the earth, I do fear for all life. I often wonder if God is sending us a message in the climate changes and somehow we are ignoring it. I will continue to light my candle.

  • Jacqueline Gum

    Susan, this has been on my mind for a while….I thank you for putting such beautiful words to my very thoughts. I,too, have always carried a lot of hope but here lately, things seem so much worse than I can remember. So much killing, so much terrorism, a nation so very divided. But still I pray and I hope…maybe harder than before. Because I believe there are still champions among us and I know they will bring faith and hope with them.

    • Aw Jacquie. It is so hard to watch all that we are doing to ourselves and our world’s environments. I pray we do wake up and see what really needs to be done… before it’s too late.

  • I have mixed feelings about news fasts. Years ago I ignored the news. Then the first Gulf War came, and everyone seemed to expect it but me. Now I learn to moderate my intakes. My husband is a news junkie, so if I don’t know, I ask him. Now that I am a blog addict, sometimes I inform him as well.

    Poetry is a beautiful way to deal with the unknown and the scary.

    • I have found that I need to reduce my intake of the news or I’d go mad with anger and grief. It did help to finally put my thoughts to paper (so the speak). Lighting my nightly candle and placing it in the window has been another way to express my feeling in a small way as well.

  • Susan — such a beautiful and moving poem. I do worry about the world. It makes me want to cry when terrorists posing as defenders of religion believe that God will bless their beheading of innocents. There are no battle lines anymore. No front lines or behind the lines. No signing of treaties ending wars. This is an endless of war of evil against good. I can’t guess at how it will continue to unfold.

    • Thank you Jeannette. You have expressed all that runs around in my brain. It’s such a horrid feeling. I also wonder why we aren’t more involved with the obvious changes we are inflicted on our environments. That will be the end of life for all if we don’t figure it out.

  • Susan, what a haunting and beautiful poem. You’ve captured how many people feel, and touched on something much deeper – how God must feel at the suffering caused in his name. Though I don’t presume to know the mind of God, I believe that being made in his image allows us to feel a little of his heart. And you have a gift for expressing that.

    • Aw, thank you Meredith. I feel the same. I hope that something will get our attention enough to change our course on so many things.

  • Pat Ruppel

    So tender in your expression of love and concern, Susan. I can feel your pain and hesitation in putting your raw feelings out there. I join you, my friend, in compassion and tears falling freely for those who suffer so greatly and for Mother Earth who has been damaged almost beyond repair. Like you, I cry out in despair, fearing how it will all end.

    But, then, I hear a story of love where a child has been saved by a dolphin, or how we’re awakening to the secrets of nature on how to save the bees and I feel a glimmer of hope. There is still so much good in the human that’s been dismissed and ignored for so long. But, I think we’re in a time when the stirring of the spirits within us can no longer be excused and put aside as weak.

    In your poem, I feel the pain for our world and one another so many of us feel today. But, I also feel the power of love rising, collectively, and somehow have to believe it’s so much stronger than the rampant horrors that are happening today. It gives me hope and renews my faith.

    God bless you, my friend, no doubt your poem will not go unnoticed and will be part of the spirit of love that’s also building in the world today. I love you for sharing your heart and putting it out there. xxoo

    • There is goodness everywhere but for some reason it seems to be drowned out by all the noise of the evil doers. I blame the news media for that. What will it take to change that? I sure wish I knew.

      • Pat Ruppel

        So true, Susan. What the media reports would go a long way in shining light on the good that is happening. Sadly, what they’re reporting is unfortunately what most people want to hear. Suppose that’s what would have to change first.

        • I agree Pat. It would be nice if that would happen, but I don’t think we should hold our breath.

          • Pat Ruppel

            True, unfortunately, Susan.

  • What a beautiful poem Susan.

    For sure many things today are deserving of our fallen tears. I follow Neale Donald Walsch and he has something HUGE happening in March to build a collective mindset to heal us as a planet of people.

    I wish I could remember where I read and who was quoted. Every generation from way back has had similar feelings. There are many things that are worse today, but then there are many things that are so much better. Can we deny that?

    After the year I experienced last year, my sentiments are more on the side that God, creator, whatever you call your higher power, has everything in control. Like generations before us, we will heal.

    Do I worry? Not as much as I used to because things have been so up close, personal for me with experiences that know, there not only isn’t any benefit to worrying but that in the end, things work out.

    Do I have hope? You bet I do! More hope than worry.

    • The voice of reason shines through from you Patricia. I do believe there is salvation and hope in the world. I sure wish we would hear more that then what the talking heads share these days.

  • Unfortunately, I think mankind is on its way out, at least as the domanant species.

    Beautiful poem Susan.

    • Hi Glynis, I hear you. Species have come and gone and we have only been here a nanosecond in the life of the earth and look what a mess we’ve made of things. sigh!

  • This is a beautiful poem that really conveys the pain and sorrow. Like you, I grieve for what is going on in the world, but I have to believe there is hope and opportunity for peace, love and kindness. Those of us grieving can make a difference.

    • Hi Donna, I believe that too. I just wish we heard and could see more of than we do today.

  • Oh this was just so lovely I liked it and I am glad I came over today for a visit

  • Such a lovely heartfelt poem. Some would argue that mankind has been on the way out since it began, only now the constant influx of media and interconnected makes us more subjected to all the horrors of the world. It’s sad either way you look at it. To love is the greatest gift, but humankind lets so much stand in its way and ultimate capacities for good.

    • Thank you Jeri. That is very well said. By some miracle, maybe, we will figure it out.

  • We will be traveling in Israel (and Turkey) in the near future. In preparation, I’ve been reading about the history of the region. The barbarism coming into our living rooms and smart phones today is nothing new. Human beings are so dichotomous—-capable of the greatest compassion and the utmost cruelty. The wars of Biblical times were basically tribe on tribe savagery as are the current wars. One group’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. During the American Revolution, the British thought the colonists were barbaric for engaging in guerrilla tactics—which is what happens in asymmetric warfare. Above the shattering effect of sheer brutality, if I am understanding your poem correctly, you are additionally distraught by the fact that radical extremist jihadists claim to be fighting in the name of the true G-d. This is why I have so much trouble with organized religion—-leaders of virtually all the religions I know of, at one time or another, have taken the name of G-d in vain to justify their brutality. To this day, all armies pray to G-d for victory before battle.

    Whenever I despair for the human race, I don’t see the seeds of our destruction in some new awfulness. I see the seeds of our destruction in our really not having progressed beyond tribalism and tribal conflict—the tribes vary in size, complexity and ethos, but strip away the veneer of nation states and we belong to tribes of one kind or another. Even those of us who think we have evolved beyond that, will rise to defend ourselves—-and as good as our “smart” bombs are, innocents will be crushed and burned to death by “mistakes” and grieving family members will think we’re barbarians and will be punished by G-d. I fear that probably the only thing that will bring the human tribes together is an invasion—-from outer space. (OK, now I have to go pet my dog to recover from my cynical rant). Susan, I’m glad that the same situations that move me to cynical ranting move you to pen beautiful poetry.

    • I had to laugh, I thought the very same thing Suzzanne. What would happen if in fact we had a visitor from another world stop, just now. They may leave if haste because of what they see going on. Let’s hope we are smart enough, brave enough and good enough to figure it all out.

  • Oh Susan, that poem is so true. There has always been suffering caused by criminals in the name of religion while it has nothing to do with religion. I too fear for mankind and while I may not light a candle, I do pray that someday we will share a world as it should be …..”for the greatest of these is love”.

    • With prayer, and small acts of kindness, I do believe we can make a difference. I try to do some small kindness every day for that very reason A.K. Hugs.

  • Cheryl Therrien

    I think we all experience these feelings at one time or another. That’s why having good friends is important. They remind you that not all is sad and depressing. There is hope because you see it their faces and feel it in their hugs. Big virtual hug to you my friend!

    • Aw, Cheryl, I can feel your hug from here and I miss you my friend. A BIG virtual hug back.

  • Thank you for this poem Susan. The world is most certainly a troublesome place these days. When I feel overwhelmed by chaos in the global sense, I try & focus on my more immediate world of the US, then California, then Sonoma, and finally my town & my neighborghood. Sometimes we have to go small to have a bigger perspective, or at least be able to cope with the bigger problems.

    • That is such great advice A.K. I need to do more of that. Doing a small act of kindness every day can make a difference. I try to do that and it does make me feel better about mankind.

  • Adrienne

    Hi Susan,

    I understand what you mean and I oftentimes worry about it myself. Actually, I don’t have to worry because my mother does enough of that for the entire planet. She’s just so sick of what’s taking place in our world today and it bothers her so much. We can only hope and pray that things will work out for the best and our time will come.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with us.


    • Hi Adrienne, Thank you my friend. I laughed because that’s what my husband says about me. The good news is he tries to make my day a bit special and that does make things seem a bit brighter. I’m sure you do the same for your mom. 🙂

  • Jon Jefferson

    There are so many things that trouble me within the world right now. But troubling times have always existed around us. Sometimes we forget that and we get used to the ease of life for a little while.

    • Indeed that is true Jon, I try to remember that. The news overtakes me, and off I go to light my candle.

  • Rose M Griffith

    Lovely sentiment, Susan, albeit a sad one. I think, too, of why can we not delight and find joy in each other instead of fighting over our differences. Prayer helps me!

    • I so agree with you Rose. Prayers and candle are my two solaces at the moment.

  • Hi Susan,
    What a beautiful poem. I do see what is going on in the world and know it is something I cannot control. But I do believe in the power of prayer. And believe me, I pray every day. When I see a person or people that are out to destroy others, I have to cleanse my heart. I used to be angry, but now I pray that God sheds His light upon them.
    It does make me feel better and believe me…I do this often during the day.
    Thanks for sharing this. With prayer, nothing is impossible.


    • That is very well said Donna. I do believe if do our part in some small way the whole be bring good. Thank you for sharing your thoughts they are greatly arrepicated. 🙂

  • Your poem is lovely and heartfelt Susan. I think all we can do is hope but it is a scary world out there. Sometimes, I look at my granddaughter and can’t help but wonder what sort of a world she’ll be living in. I can only pray that somehow good will overcome.

    • Thanks Sherryl, I worry about the same thing with my grandchildren and my grand nieces and nephews. I hope we can find a way to make our world a better place for all its creatures.

  • What a beautiful and, of course, well written experience!
    Effortless beauty!