• Winter… not my favorite but thank goodness for trips to warmer climes. In all seriousness though my mental outlook improves during the warmer half of the year.

    • As baby boomers, we have to keep our attitude up, positive, looking forward since we’re only moving toward the winter of our life. And if traveling does it, then so be it!

  • Yes yes yes I get this and even though I whinge and bitch about winter it doesn’t get that cold really here

    • And how we baby boomers could so benefit from this attitude as we move to the winter in our life: it’s not that cold.

  • Pat Ruppel

    I like this, Patricia, and can identify being a baby boomer, too. I love the change of seasons and, thankfully, get to witness it where I live in the Colorado Rockies.

    Our winters don’t seem as bitter cold as I remember growing up on the east coast in Philly. I can get out more with the grand kids here and play around throwing snowballs and sledding. I don’t get as bone cold but do notice, now in my golden years, I’ve lost a step or two.

    We are moving into that slot replacing our parents’ generation and earned the right to slow down and smell the roses or, like you said, dip our toes in the sand. I’m enjoying it in all it’s phases.

    • Pat I love how you say, we’ve “earned” the right to slow down. We should enjoy winter as it’s another phase of life.

      • Pat Ruppel

        Yes, Patricia. I agree. It’s another phase of life to be appreciated along with the others. 🙂

  • Cheryl Therrien

    Winter is not one of my favs. Let me watch it from a distance. Yeah, I know. I live in Kansas so I get to experience it up close and personal. LOL

    • And even if we’re not baby boomers, we’re going to get to experience the winter of our life. So we might as well enjoy it.

  • In my area of the world (Manitoba, Canada), winter is not short. I appreciate many parts of winter, but because it is so long (and we can have long spells of really cold), I now prefer to escape it and appreciate that I am able to do that at this point in my life. (following the footprints to the sand). There are times when wintering in Arizona I miss the prettiness of freshly fallen snow and hoarfrost on the trees, but not enough to go back and put up with frozen eyelashes, scrapping ice off car windows, and bundling up so much I can barely move.

    • I’ve lived in Plattsburg NY where winters are also long! I like how you said you prefer not to escape it. That’s the same with the winter of our life! We’re in it, let’s enjoy it.

  • Jacqueline Gum

    For me it isn’t necessarily the season, it is the temperature of the air during the season…I don’t like being cold! LOL I did my time, paid my dues after living in Wisconsin for 18 years so it’s okay if I never see another snowflake for the rest my lifetime. I DID love the snow as a child…but I grew up (okay…sort of grew up) and I changed. And I learned to embrace the change! LOL But the analogy is terrific…so much I can relate to in the post. Please don’t mistake my weird sense of humor. I got the underlying point and it’s a beautiful one:)

    • Embrace the change is appropriate for baby boomers who might otherwise be fighting the change. Winter is coming so we might as well settle in and enjoy it.

  • Eve Koivula

    It’s all about having the right gear for every weather!
    I’ve got a perfect pair of ugly but super warm boots – those that don’t require socks, either, and an overcoat that looks like a sleeping bag so Bring it on! I’m ready! (And I have hight hopes we don’t need rubber boots instead….)

    • And for sure Eve, just like we want to have the right gear for the weather of winter, we want to be ready for the winter of our lives in so many different ways.

  • Never experience winter but I do enjoy the post and the fun spirit of Christmas. thanks for sharing

    • Winter can be interesting, fun and a challenge Awazie. It all depends on your attitude. that’s what makes the correlation work. All the best, 🙂

  • I think these are all blessings are God. Change in weather and different stages of life. No matter if its winter in lives, heart must be full of life.
    Life is really small like changing weathers.
    Its nice to experience winter and snow. But I feel a lot cold. I always enjoy seeing people making snow man. After watching frozen my daughter always ask to make a snow man and ask for snow. 🙂

    • I agree, life is a blessing and each stage part of that blessing Anna. It’s up to us the make the most of it.

      I loved Frozen and can see how your daughter would want to make snowmen after watching it. 🙂

  • Jon Jefferson

    I’ve never been a fan of winter but I do love the fall. Something about the air in the fall that just seems more my thing.

    • I love all the season but we only have three where I live Jon. If I want to experience snow I need to drive to the mountains. Cheers, Susan

  • I love the change of seasons. You get bored with one and in comes the next. Each season has it pluses and winter is no exception. I love the fires, the cuddling, and drinking of hot spice wine. I have often said I am so blessed to have grown up as a baby boomer. The baby boomers is an era of forever changing and making the best of what we have. So wanting to have that fire that warms you up, I say to myself, another year is ending and I am so blessed to be here.

    • Hi Arleen, I love all the things you mentioned that winter brings. Making the best of what we have has been a theme song for baby boomers. Now the trick is the keep on doing it as we age. 🙂

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    I love the comparison between winter and baby boomers. I love having seasons which I don’t get much of here in Texas now. I like that kind of change. Abrupt life changes not so much.

    • I do too Krystal. I miss the snow where I live… at times, but then again I don’t miss the challenges it brings… LOL.