• Jacqueline Gum

    Lenie, I have never eaten a lot of kale. My father didn’t like it…so it goes without saying that my mother didn’t cook kale! But this look so good! And the benefits of kale are so good! I copied this…think I’ll try it this week:) You always have the best stuff!!!!

    • Hi Jacquie – When we were growing up it seemed no one was ever sick. We had the odd cold or flu of course but nothing serious. When I look back on the foods we ate – normal portions of plain foods and knowing what we know about food nutrients today it’s easy to see why.
      Enjoy. It’s also good leftover the next day.

  • Ooh I’m saving this one. It’s an easier version of another potato kale casserole i have, plus I love smoked sausage Presumably any “meaty” sausage would work well too.

    • Hi A.K. would love to have your recipe for the potato kale casserole. You can use ham or bacon as the meat – I know I have used both on occasion – when all the boys where still at home and the budget was tight I’ve even used wieners.

  • Love this recipe! The only thing I need to change is the sausage because I’m a vegetarian – But, they do make vegan sausage lol. Kale is such a great super food. I even had grown it in my garden this year and it’s still coming up!

    Thanks for the recipe! Sounds delish!


    • Hi Donna – we all have to change to current ways. We now use butter to moisten the dish but when I was growing up my mom used bacon grease. How times have changed.

  • Cheryl Therrien

    We like kale at our place & this looks delicious!

    • Hi Cheryl – I love this dish and knowing it’s good for you is even better.

  • We love kale! Right now, I’ve given up whites – like potatoes, this will be perfect to welcome in the New Year Lenie. Thanks so much.

    • Patricia – this is really good and a great way to use kale. Something I learned when I was writing this post was that cooked kale lowers cholesterol better than raw kale. Isn’t it nice how you continue to learn new things?

  • Lenie, My mom is Portuguese and we grew up loving kale. We used to grow it in our garden. One of my favorite recipes is kale soup. Where we live, (in the south coast area of Massachusetts), our sausage of choice is linguica. That would be the perfect substitute for the smoked sausage that your recipe calls for. It sounds delicious.

    • Hi Sherryl, when it comes to comfort foods, nothing beats those old-time recipes, right? I also enjoy kale soup, it’s actually very similar.

  • Jon Jefferson

    It’s been quite some time since I have had kale. Interesting recipe.

    • Jon, if you’re going to try kale again, you might as well make it a tasty dish. Hope you enjoy.

  • Catarina Alexon

    Kale is mainly used for soup in Sweden. Love it and your pot dinner sounds delicious.

    • Hi Catarina – I also love kale soup but I think this recipe is just a bit nicer and a lot more filling – which of course was the purpose.

  • This looks like a great recipe. I will try it. I’m not crazy about the taste of kale raw, but like it cooked.

    • Hi Donna, since you like kale cooked, isn’t it nice to know it’s actually better for you that way?

  • miznelliebellie

    Finally, a kale recipe that actually looks tasty! We are all about healthy eating, but kale is one of those veggies that we just haven’t developed a taste for. It doesn’t help that a lot of recipes use kale straight; I love how your recipe incorporates it into the full dish in a much more pleasant way.

    • You know how kale can have a bit of a bitter taste – preparing it this way does away with that. And when the weather is nasty, this is a great comfort food.

  • William Rusho

    I have heard do much about kale, but have not tried it yet. Your recipe might be a good place to start.

    • If you haven’t tried kale before then for sure this is a good place to start. Cooking it all together blends the flavours to really benefit it all.

  • I love Kale and really love one pot meals especially when the weather is cooler. Is the dish better with smoked meats? I was thinking of substituting shredded turkey breast.

    • Hi Pamela – You could try it with shredded turkey breast but I wonder if adding just a bit of turkey bacon wouldn’t help it a bit. Just a guess.

  • Hello Lenie
    Very easy and healthy recipe.
    I have a ” one dish party” in which each participant have to bring a dish of homemade cooked food. Its in couple of days and I will try this recipe to give them a different nutritious taste. Thanks for Kale recipe.

    • Hey Andleeb – you could tell your friends that this is a dutch dish from a Canadian friend – might as well make it truly international.

      • I was thinking to mention that recipe is from you , as if you remember when you have written a post about plants in Saudi Arabia, I shared with them all and they know you. SO I was thinking I will tell my friends that this is your recipe. But thanks for letting me know its Dutch recipe.

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    Looks easy and yummy! My son loves kale surprisingly thanks to our rabbit Thumper. I wonder if he’d like it cooked though.

    • I have heard that if the child prepares the food, he will eat it so that’s something to try. I know most – not all – of our sons liked it.

  • Husnaa eatsleepbefancy

    I have never tried kale before but after reading the benefits its something I will definitely give a shot. It seems pretty easy too, thank for sharing this awesome one dish wonder!


    • It is very easy and very tasty and only one pot to clean – that always works for me.

  • Deidre M. Simpson

    I usually eat kale raw as a lettuce replacement or stir-fry ingredient. This recipe seems like a good reason for a casserole now that the weather is cooler. You sort of had me at one-pot dinner.

    • Deidre, this is really a comfort food when the weather is nasty. And like you, I like the one-pot thing.

  • Tim

    We had this same dish as kids as well only the kale was substituted with spinach. Like you, to this day I find this dish filling and comforting.

    • Tim, we have had versions of this dish with spinach and with sauerkraut, all of it terrific comfort food in the wintertime.

  • Kale gets talked about all the time, but I haven’t been able to think of many ways to use it, so this recipe is much appreciated. Rather than regular smoked sausage, I might try it with Chorizo.

    • Jeri – there is no limit to the kind of meat you could use, except I don’t think it would be really great with a bland meat. But any kind of sausage will work.

  • I don’t really eat much kale though I realize I should. That is something you made pretty clear in the this post. This recipe looks a lot more interesting than most of the ways I’ve seen kale prepared.

    • Ken, this is one of the best and the easiest ways to eat kale and when it’s cold outside, nothing tastes better.

  • Noelle McNamara

    I have heard lots recently about kale but have never tried it- i’m shocked to see how great it actually is for health. I’m writing this as lunchtime approaches looking out at the rain and would love a serving!!

    • Hi Noelle, when we were young we were never sick and now knowing the nutrient value of foods like kale, it’s easy to see why. I think that we’ll find out soon that the most basic foods are the healthiest ones.

  • Marquita Herald

    I have never in my life tasted kale, which even I think is strange because my dad was a produce manager for Safeway for 40 years and my mother was a vegetarian. I’ve read about kale but since it’s not on my radar I’ve never even noticed it at the grocery store. You’ve inspired me though Lenie, and your recipe sound yummie so this week I am going to go hunting for some kale and give it a try. Thanks!

    • Hi Marquita – if this is the first time you’ll taste kale then this is a great recipe to start with. The flavours all blend together to make a truly tasty dish.

  • Yum! I love every one of these ingredients! And I love how simple the recipe is. Putting kale on my grocery list now…

    • Hi Meredith – I love simple and the one pot equals fewer dishes – works for me everytime.

  • Debra Yearwood

    I’ve started eating kale and it has been a hit and miss process so far, but this recipe looks like a definite HIT. 🙂

    • Since kale has become known as a superfood, lots of people have wanted a good way to use it. I find this recipe one of the best ways.

  • Krystyna Lagowski

    This is perfect! I have some leftover andouille sausage just waiting for a good recipe. My mother used to make a one-pot meal called “ein-topf-gericht” which was kind of a boiled beef. Especially great on cold days!

    • Hi Krystyna – At first I thought these hearty one-pot meals must have been European but then I remember reading about Boston’s boiled dinner which sounds very much like the ein-topf-gericht. So now I think it’s probably more a weather thing – if it’s damp and nasty outside, these one-pot meals definitely are the answer.

  • Jason Butler

    I’m a huge fan of Kale. I use it in my smoothies and I also make Kale chips from time to time. I need to try this recipe.

    • Hi Jason – So glad you’re going to try this recipe. To me, it beats kale chips hands down.

  • Bola

    I’ve had Kale on my list for a while, but haven’t looked at any recipes yet, but will be trying your lovely recipes for tips.

    • Hi Bola, this is a perfect recipe for those damp english days. I think the weather is probably one of the reasons the dutch invented it.

  • Valerie Remy-Milora

    OH this looks fabulous!! I am a HUGE fan of Kale, and eat it almost daily 🙂 And I love one pot dinners that are easy to make, brimming with healthy nutrients and great tasting 🙂 Thank you for sharing this fabulous recipe! I’ll be checking in for more…

    • Hi Valerie – I’m glad you’re going to be trying this recipe. It really is one of my favourites, especially now that the weather is getting nasty. Hope you enjoy.

  • Pat Amsden

    I admit it sounded like a must miss to me until I checked it out. It sounds yummy and Kale seems to be a super food. I’ll have to try it.

    • I’m glad you decided to check it out Pat. Kale really is one of those superfoods and the fact that this dish is yummy just makes it that much better.

  • crystal Ross

    Looks good and my husband and I love kale. We got introduced to it when he was working at True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale Arizona. Great job!

    • Hi Crystal. I guess you have known about kale for some time. I hope you try this dish – it’s one of my favourite ways.

  • Hi Lenie! I am a borderline Vegetarian (I eat fish sometimes) & absolutely love kale; my friends joke that I am a “Junk Food Vegetarian” as I am not too keen on salads, but, man, give me some kale & I am happy 🙂 Thanks for sharing these benefits. Cheers!