• Anonymous


    I prefer the road less travelled and your illustrations took me back to the Sunday visits to my grandparents farm….always after attending church services, of course. Wonderful memories that brought joyful tears to my eyes. Thank you.

    Joan B.

    • Thanks Joan, I to prefer the road less traveled and enjoy the recall of many memories in a heartfelt way as well, thus my illustrations. :-), Susan

  • Susan Cooper

    Thanks Joan, I to prefer the road less traveled and enjoy the recall of many memories in a heartfelt way as well, thus my illustrations. :-), Susan

  • Margaret Duarte

    The warm blanket of nostalgia most often hits me during the holidays–especially around meal time and when family rituals come in to play, either old ones or new ones. Watching old family movies does the same. I enjoyed sharing yours.

    • Margaret, Thank you for sharing when those nostalgic moments hit. I do love the way they are able to transport us back to a different place and time. :), Susan

  • Susan Cooper

    Margaret, Thank you for sharing when those nostalgic moments hit. I do love the way they are able to transport us back to a different place and time. :), Susan

  • Anonymous

    Your Illustration brings back to when we use to go to my grandmother house in the country. She had a great hill for us to sled on and we would play until we were to cold or to tried. She would always make us some homemade hot chocolate when we would come in from sledding hill. Great memories. HB

    • HB, As you said, what a great memory. Thank you for your comment and support. :-), Susan

  • Dan Meyers

    Susan – you've officially taken your illustrations to the next level, I love them!!

    • Dan, WOW….Thank you. My art median has always been pin & ink. Drawing with pencil and pen & ink on paper is very different then with a vector tool on my Mac and iPad. I am learning with every drawing I do. :-), Susan

  • Susan Cooper

    HB, As you said, what a great memory. Thank you for your comment and support. :-), Susan

  • Susan Cooper

    Dan, WOW….Thank you. My art median has always been pin & ink. Drawing with pencil and pen & ink on paper is very different then with a vector tool on my Mac and iPad. I am learning with every drawing I do. :-), Susan

  • Elizabeth Scott


    Even though I did not grow up with a family farm this can mean and road you travel that leads you home. It is funny, as a child I would always fall asleep in the car until we pulled off the freeway and stopped at a stop sign. I would magically wake up knowing we were close to my grandparent's house. Well as progress takes over, that stop sign turned into a stop light and now I am normally the one driving the route and unable to sleep but I still fondly remember the simpler times. When I would stay the night at grandmas and grandpas, have dinner, watch tv in the living room with a bowl of ice cream, and wake up the next morning to the sweetest most delicious oatmeal I ever had. Thank you for bringing those wonderful memories back to me.

    • Elizabeth – What a wonder gift it is to remember the trip to your grandparents home and something so simple but so precious as the oatmeal your grandmother made. :-), Susan

  • Susan Cooper

    Elizabeth – What a wonder gift it is to remember the trip to your grandparents home and something so simple but so precious as the oatmeal your grandmother made. :-), Susan

  • Susan you have surpassed yourself again. LOVE the illustrations! They make the story come alive. Thank you! 

    • Thank you. Your feedback means a great deal to me. I really enjoy sharing what I am able to create with my readers. 🙂

  • Your illustrations are quite calming. I especially like the one of the yellow car moving ahead in the gray. May the sun shine on your face (and on all of us).

    • Thanks Leora… Happy Dance. I wish the very same for you my friend. 🙂

  • Hi Susan, great illustrations to a wonderful poem. I’m going on an unplugged vacation for 90 days so will see you in mid October

    • Thanks Paul and have a great break from all the craziness. See you in October. 🙂

  • Along Came Mary

    Great pictures, Susan! Such a nice poem and I hope you have time to relax amidst all the changes and visitors coming and going! 🙂

    • Thanks Mary. I’m really trying, it hasn’t been easy, to say the least. 🙂

  • Adjusting… not my favorite thing that’s for sure 😉 Your snowy pictures make me want to cool down on what is going to be another scorcher of a day in Boise.

    • I think that is the case for most of us Jeri… LOL. I hear you. We have been having the same kind of weather, thus the snow images… :D.

  • Hi Susan,
    I think acknowledging change, accepting it, embracing it is the attitude that will make the road ahead easier to navigate. I love the art work. 🙂

    Kind Regards,

    • Thanks Bill, I agree. It isn’t always easy because we simply forget to do it. When we do remember, it can make for much happier times. 🙂

  • Always been a great poem in my mind. Life constantly throws us curve balls, but we have to just trust that we will be okay in the end, and the universe will hold a place for us. Thanks for the post Susan. I really like this set of drawings too – I don’t remember them.

    • Thanks so much A.K. It’s one of my favorites too. That’s what I’m hoping. Truthfully, I believe it will we be as it should be ..,. I just need to not worry so much about it. 🙂

  • Jon Jefferson

    Two things come to mind as I am reminded of this blessing. The first is a Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

    The second is an old Hagarr the Horrible comic strip. The strip recites this same blessing but the pictures used are as a curse and the troubles that Hagarr and his men experience.

    • Oh, what an interesting twist to this lovely sentiment Jon. It would be fun to see for sure. 🙂

  • Jacqueline Gum

    This has always been a comfort to me as well, Susan. Love the illustrations…you can bring such new life to an old blessing. Now THAT is a blessing…and so are you. Because of that, I believe that the universe will take care of you:)

    • That is very cool Jacquie. It has always been a poem that comes to mind in difficult times for me. Aw, thank you for your kind words and your warm thoughts, they means allot. 🙂

  • I liked the poem it made me think

  • Debra Yearwood

    Susan I was thinking about synchronicity lately and I think life gives you what you put out there. I know you have been feeling overwhelmed, but I can’t help but think it will all work out for you in the end. You put so much good out into the universe that it can help but make it’s way back to you. Whatever the outcome, the road ahead of you is holding a lot of good things. 🙂

    • Aw, you made my heart swell Debra. I know that the same holds for you as well. We both will have good things to look to in our journey. 🙂

  • maxwell ivey

    Hi Susan; Most of the time I am thinking of the present or the future. there are a few times a year when I have feelings about the good old days. Usually they include the weeks of fairs we used to play like the pecan fest in groves texas and the fair in newton. I also feel it at christmas as I can remember big family christmas eves and a dad who always made the holiday special. and i think about better days on may 17th the day that would be my dad’s birthday. thanks for sharing and take care, Max

    • Meredith Wouters

      Hi Max, it’s Meredith. I was just in Groves last week. I didn’t know anyone else in the world knew where that was! 🙂

    • You’re welcome. I think so cool how this simple pome can evoke such great memories and warm feeling such as your Max. And may the sun shine warm on your face as you journey on in life. 🙂

  • Meredith Wouters

    I’m having a moment of nostalgia right now! One of my favorite bands back in college set that poem to music, and played it at the end of each of their shows. It brought a smile to my face, just to read the poem again. I love your illustrations too. They have a different look than some of your previous ones, but fitting to the mood of this post. Thanks for brightening my morning.

    • What a great memory Meredith. I can see how that would evoke a smile. It also pleases me that I was able to brighten your day. :-)))

  • Lovely illustrations Susan.

    Over the years (what now, 3 or 4) I’ve known you, I’m impressed with your attitude toward all things. You know that expression, you become like the 5 people who you hang around most with? If being forced to do this, you would be one of those my friend.

    As my father always used to tell me, “It will all work out for the good of all.”

    • Has it been that long Patricia? I’ve truly been blessed with having met and to know you as I do. You have humbled me with your very kind and warm words. I feel EXACTLY the same way.

      I do know it will and that make s it all worth it. 🙂

  • maxwell ivey

    hi meredith; yep, and come the end of september me and my family will be back there for the pecan fest. my uncle brings th rides but we hold the contract. we used to play the port arthur shrimp fest and music fest. I sold a ride to the orange lyons club a year or so ago. lots of good memories in east texas and some bad ones too. if my dad had had his way we would have moved there permanently. take care, max

  • Susan- Everyday I wake up it is an opportunity. You can’t bring back the past you really have today and look forward to the future. I think we all go through things in life when we are overwhelmed and wonder if it will get better. With a positive outlook it does. If you look back you can see how far you have come and yes there are bumps in the road but eventually you find the smooth road.
    Loved your pictures. They remind me when we take drives through Pennsylvania country roads. Your illustrations brought back such fond memories.

    • I so agree with you Arleen, I have been working really hard to keep the right attitude. Exhaustion doesn’t help that much… LOL.

      Thank you, I am so glad the images brought forth some great memories. That makes me happy. 🙂

  • Tim

    Hi Susan, I have, for the most part, looked at the road ahead as an adventure that I can’t wait to get on with. It may not always turn out quite the way I thought but it always turns out one way or another. I have found that even when it seems not so great; it is never as bad as some and will get better. Any problems I have or had are pale if I start comparing them to those of others. I think life is all about making memories. The old ones are great but the new ones, and the future ones, will be great to…maybe even better. Who knows.

    • Hi Tim, When ever we can perceive any challenge as a n adventure it changes our view of the whole situation or event. When we can be grateful for what we have and see how others may not be so lucky, also helps to center us. Together these make all old and new memories that more impactful and important. 🙂

  • maxwell ivey

    thanks susan; i’m sure the road is going to smooth out for you soon. your friend, max

  • Laurie Hurley

    Susan, my father-in-law said that very blessing at my wedding only he added, “may you grow old sharing the same pillow.” One day I will blog about that….

    • Hi Laurie, How cool is that. I can’t wait the hear the whole story. 🙂

  • Susan — I love this poem (and your drawings). As much as we may plan for the future, it is still the great unknown. At my age, I try to live every day and be in the moment. Of course, I think about my future but I can’t become obsessed by it. Every time I say “woe is me” I see someone who is homeless or handicapped or ill and I count my blessings, I really do. I count you as one of my blessings, Susan, and feel I know you well even though we are miles apart. Hope we meet someday.

    • Hi Jeannette, When we count our true blessings, we are then able to see how lucky we are. That said, YOU, my friend, are one MY blessing. 🙂

  • Susan, I love this poem. It comforts yet motivates you to keep going. Your pictures are wonderful – very calming.

    • Me too Lenie, Aw, thank you for your kind words and I am so glad you liked my creations. 🙂

  • Cheryl Therrien

    Ah yes, I remember this poem well. There are times in life when it is very appropriate. Lovely illustrations my friend!

    • I very much agree Cheryl, Lately it has been more in the forefront of my mind. 🙂

  • crystal Ross

    Beautiful post. GOD has got you in the palm of his hand. He will never leave you or forsake you. We as human beings fear change the most. However the most growth I have seen in my life has come from life changing moments. I fought the uncomfortable feelings all the way, but when they subsided, I saw gods plan and the change was ment to be. Thanks for sharing and keep on trucking on that road. You are strong! 🙂 I love your pictures. How Did you do that?

    • Aw, thank you Crystal, He really does. We just need to trust and have faith that all will be as it should be. I say we both should keep on trucking down life’s road. :-)))

  • maxwell ivey

    i know it will; by the way just got some good news I wanted to share. I have been officially accepted as a pier advisor for the american foundation for the blind. they just sent me the link to my bio. and i am working on a post about independence verses interdependence. I’m using the example of how i was doing online before I started joining in the blogging community verses all the great things that happened after I started letting people in and not only accepting help but inviting it. they seem interested. wil let you know when it is live. I’m going to add this link to the new website as it seems like something that should be on my about me page. have a great friday, max http://www.visionaware.org/info/get-involved/peer-advisors/maxwell-ivey/125

    • That is AWESOME news, and yes, by all means it does need to on your About page

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly

      Max, congratulations! I knew you could do it!

  • Lorraine Marie Reguly

    As always, Susan, your illustrations perfectly complement your words. Lovely poem. Peaceful, calming, wonderful…

    Thanks for sharing it!

    • Thanks Lorraine, It is one of favorite poems and therefore easy to illustrate it in my unique way. 🙂

  • maxwell ivey

    thanks lorraine; been a big week. got confirmation from the advisory group, won the contest with adrienne’s help, got a commission check without having to push for it. and I want to know if you will edit my first post for afb. thanks for believing and take care, max

  • Such a great poem! And yes, finding beauty among changes and embracing challenges is such fabulous advice. I have done exactly that with our situation here in California. We don’t get to go home and see family and kids as often as we like, but I have palm trees in my backyard and a view of the mountains. Granted, this is literal beauty but had we not rented this house, I wouldn’t have been adopted by GrayCat (the gray cat who wandered up a few weeks after we moved in). I embrace our frequent travel as an opportunity to try a new restaurant too. It’s not always THIS easy to embrace challenges, and so I feel fortunate that my situation is generally a pleasant one.

    • Hi Pamela, I used to live in SoCal and far form all my family so I understand your thoughts. There are always blessings in any situation. It’s not getting stuck in what we don’t have that helps us see what we do have. My all your challenges be pleasant ones or at least ones that you can see a blessing. 🙂

  • Adrienne

    Hey Susan,

    I love your drawings, do you do those quickly or do they take you awhile? I wish I had that kind of talent, love them.

    Funny you should mention this. Last week I had to go and renew my drivers license since it’s been 12 years since I actually had to go down to the DMV and do it in person. It’s been really nice but sitting there I was thinking back to how long away that was, what I was doing, where I was in my life, etc. Probably not exactly along the same lines that you’re speaking of here but yeah, they were good memories.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I’m glad you’ve had some very enjoyable visits and times of late. That’s what life’s all about right!

    Have a great week.


    • Aw, thank you. The one that I used for this post took some time. Some are easier than others. Generally speaking, the more detail the longer they will take. I can see that happening LOL. When our mind is away from the net, it’s funny what happens huh… LOL.

      It has been an e-ticket ride of late, but it now seems to be slowing to a low roar. The best part is I now have a few contributing writer who will become part of my site. How cool is that. 🙂

  • Pat Ruppel

    Here you go, Susan. This is for you, my friend. 🙂

    • That was beautiful Pat. I loved it and I thank you. 🙂

      • Pat Ruppel

        You’re welcome, Susan. I’ve always loved that poem and this song always sets the mood of it so perfectly for me. Happy to share. 🙂

  • TashasTravelTroves

    Oh this is lovely! I love the illustrations. Have you ever been to Shakespeare and company in Paris? It’s a bookstore and I wrote about it yesterday 🙂 you have a new follower now 🙂

    • Hi Tasha and welcome. I have not, but have always wanted to. I’ll have to check that out. Thank you for joining my community. :-)))